Head Coach Gary Barnett Press Conference

Think the Baylor game is a gimmie? Head Coach Gary Barnett doesn't. Read quotes from the coach about this weekends game with Baylor as well as last week's with Kansas.

Coach reviews KU win, previews Baylor BOULDER - University of Colorado head coach Gary Barnett held his weekly media luncheon Tuesday afternoon. The following are excerpts from the press conference along with notes from the Buffs' evening practice session.

On The Kansas Game:

ON CU's OFFENSE-"Obviously, you can't say enough about Chris Brown's performance in Kansas. Brandon Drumm and the offensive line really did a great job for us, too, and they deserve a lot of credit. We are starting to be more varied on offense, especially as Robert (Hodge) continues to develop. We are starting to get to where we are able to do a little more (in the passing game). We have gotten better with the deep ball. I have a lot of confidence in Robert throwing the deep ball. He has a lot of touch on the ball."

ON CU's DEFENSE-"We have to give Kansas a lot of credit. We played lackluster on defense. We can't afford to do that and get a win from it anymore. We were scrambling (with injuries), but things are not a lot better this week... we have a makeshift unit now. Our guys need to play better. I don't like the way they played last week. Our defense sort of got its cage rattled. We didn't pay attention to details and we need to this week to win. We didn't make many plays on defense, even though our front four played well. They have done a good job all year long. It is just everything from there back that's been a problem."

On Baylor:

GENERAL-"This is a team that scares me to death. They are a good-looking football team defensively. They are very athletic, very strong and they tackle really well. They are a good-looking team. (Head coach) Kevin Steele has done a nice job recruiting and he is really bringing his players together. Our guys have a lot of respect for these guys from what we've seen on film. Baylor is not lacking any confidence. Our guys turned the film on and said, "Oh my gosh!" I knew we were in trouble there."

ON BU's DEFENSE-"This team, on defense, is as good as anybody we've played. This really puts a lot of pressure on our offense. They are a contain defense. You've got to be happy with your three or four yards, because they don't give up big plays. Their front line is really the best we have seen this year. They are physical, big, strong guys that can run."

ON BU's OFFENSE-"In a game like this, we have got to find a way to put on some pressure. They have got some great potential in the passing and running games. What you worry about is them putting it all together, because it is there. We have got to be able to keep the ball away from (WR Reggie) Newhouse. He was All-Big 12 last year in a conference with a lot of good receivers. Newhouse is a heck of a player. We also can't let them run the ball on us. Our front four have to put pressure on (the quarterback) and not let them run. You usually don't ask (a line) to do both, so that will be a tough challenge."

ON GAME ATMOSPHERE-"This is going to be one of those games that is going to be a nail-biter... an angst producing game. We are going to need a crowd, a loud crowd. We need a 12th man out of our crowd."

On RB Chris Brown:

ON HIS STYLE-"Brown slashes. He takes on guys with his body and punishes them. He seems to get better as the game goes on. Even when he is tired, he doesn't show it. I think he has also surprised everybody with his speed over the last couple games."

ON HIM LEADING THE NATION IN RUSHING-"It is a great compliment to our offensive line and fullback (Drumm). But Chris Brown, without those guys, would not be who he is."

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