Quotes From The Baylor Win

Barnett General:

"Obviously it was a game of two halve. In the first half we totally dominated. We had great focus and great preparation all week...In the second the defense played really well. We sputtered on offense and tried to get some guys more experience and it looks like they need some more."

"It was a good team win. I was nice to preserve the shut-out even with the second guys in there."

On The Play Of The Defense:

"The Baylor offense struggled. Obviously we didn't shut down a great offense, but it's still hard to get a shut-out no matter who you are playing. I felt like we tackled really well." "The defense covered well, we tacked well we were in the right places. It's hard to play a team that runs a no-huddle playing the same people in there all the time but I thought we did a good job."

On The Play Of QB Robert Hodge:

"That's a phase he hasn't shown us yet this year. He gets better every week and this week he did it with his feet."

On The Fast Start:

"We were fired up to play this game and that's the way that we came out. You've got to expect that and you've got to demand that in order to win. W play a more talented team next week."

On The Number Of Personal Fouls:

"We didn't play smart. The guys claim that they didn't do anything...We let them get to us. Our guys were complaining, especially at halftime. You just can't lose your composure/ We did, or somebody thought that we did and threw a flag."

On The Play Of RB Chris Brown:

"He just seems to have a burst that he didn't have a year ago and when he hits a hole, he just seems to explode."

On The Kicking Game:

"It was decent. We still missed an extra point and a field goal and that's got to become more of a weapon for us. That's something Patrick (Brougham) is going to have to work through...Overall I felt like special teams battled well."

Colorado Buffalo Players


GENERAL - "We came out and played really well in the first half. We had some mistakes and problems that hurt us. The mental mistakes are things that we can fix. I feel more comfortable each week. Our defense played great, and our offense came out and put points on the board. There were a lot of things we could fix. I'm disappointed in myself, and I know the offense is disappointed we didn't put points on the board in the second half. No matter who we are playing against, that's something we need to get done. We're playing really good. The defense played great, they shut out a team, which not easy to do, especially in this conference. It was real important for us to play well. To put up 34 points in the first half is good, we're happy to do that. We're playing pretty good, but we had some bad things and need to get better at that."


"I'm feeling comfortable. Each week I'm feeling more comfortable with the offense, the offensive line is playing great, receivers are getting open. If it's not there, I have to pull it down and run. Sometimes you get touchdowns; that was good."


"It will be a big test for us next week, and an even bigger test for our defense. They (defense) need to bring confidence from this game into next week. We just need to go out and play our game and get better."


GENERAL - "All week our coaches told us that we need to be more aggressive. Today was a day for the defense to shine. It was our first shutout of the season for us today, and it was a big plus. We wanted to come out and set the tone. The defense hasn't been playing well, and the offense has. We took that as a personal challenge. Our performance showed a lot about our character. We took it personally that we had to come out and shut them down. We got to come out and play every play, and every down, one step at a time. Our defense came out and stayed focused throughout the entire game. As a defensive player, you have to come out and play your game. This was a big win, but now it's time to look ahead."


GENERAL - "We talked all week about how our defense needed to play. We didn't come out last week against Kansas and fulfill our goals. So we just came out, played hard, and played true Colorado defense."


"The interception was nice to have. I got a good read on the ball and went up for it. I don't usually think about running it back. I was trying to give the offense room for them to go out and do their work."


"We don't key on one player. We try to come out and line things up and stop their entire offense.


GENERAL - "We weren't afraid of them. We felt Coach Barnett gave them their due respect during the week. We watched film and we respected them. We just game out and played our game."

ON OFFENSIVE LINE PERFORMANCE-"The sacks were unfortunate. We would have an almost flawless game if not for the sacks we gave up. We were protecting Hodge deep into his progressions for three to four seconds. If we would have kept (the Baylor pass rush) away for another second or two, we would have avoided the sacks. Other than that, we ran the football and ran it well. We mixed in a little play action and tried to mix it up a little."


ON DIME PACKAGE - "I like playing in the dime package. It gives me an opportunity to come in the box and make some plays, and also to move outside and cover some receivers. I like to have my head in on the ball."

ON OVERALL DEFENSIVE STRATEGY-"We played a lot in the cover three. I can count the number of times on one hand that we blitzed. We played zone because we knew they were a passing team and they play with multiple receivers."


"Coach Okruch said at halftime to go out there and get the shutout. I haven't had an opportunity for shutout since I've been here. We were trying to earn respect after last week's performance." CB DONALD STRICKLAND

ON THE DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE - "We've been struggling over the past couple of weeks, and we knew weren't playing like we were capable of. Today, we wanted to come out and make a statement. We wanted to make some plays, and tackle a lot better. That was our main focus today. I';d give us an A-minus, B-plus rating for our performance. We dropped a couple of balls and missed some tackles, but overall, we played pretty well."


- "He's a great receiver. We knew they wanted to get the ball to him, but I just tried to keep him locked down. Towards the end of the game, he kind of got away from me, but overall, I thought we defended the pass well."

RB Chris Brown

ON BECOMING CU'S FASTEST BACK TO 1,000 YARDS - "We won, that's the only thing that matters to me. I'm the kind of guy, that while records are nice, they're meaningless if you don't win. Anything I do should is really a group achievement of a lot of us. They just attach the numbers to my name." ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE - "The line is really clicking. They know where each other is going to be, and they're opening good holes. And so is Brandon Drumm, it's fun following these guys leads."

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