Game Quotes From CU / Texas Tech

Read what Head Coach Gary Barnett and the CU players had to say about the game with Tech.

Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett General:

"To state the obvious that was a heck of a defensive effort. All week everybody was talking about their offense and their quarterback and our defensive just set back quietly and waited for the challenge."

"The special teams and the offense carried us and that could have put us in a position to blow them out, but our offense sputtered a little bit."

On The Defense:

"It was an unbelievable pass rush. There were guys making plays all over. I thought we tackled well and that was the story of the game along with Mark Mariscal's punting to keep them backed up."

"I think the defense accounted for four of our touchdowns and it was just a great effort and some great plays."

"It was a heck of a performance; I can't remember another one like that - maybe the last time that we played Oklahoma."

"We had four different looks that we gave them and a couple of blitzes off of them so we just found a couple that worked."

On The Penalties:

"We had a bunch of penalties but that was the results of being too aggressive. On another day those might have been damaging."

On Halftime Adjustments:

"At the half we just said 'hey, we're up by three points. Our offense can play a lot better. The first drive is going to be critical but the defense is doing a heck of a job.'"

On The Turnovers:

"We had four but I think we turned it over twice ourselves. I'm probably going to be concerned about ours rather than thinking about the ones we got."

On What The Win Means In The Conference:

"We pretty much take it one and at time and wait to see what everybody else does. All I know is that every win helps and every loss hurts. We're 4-0 but we've got four tough ones left."

On What It Gives The Team Going Into Oklahoma: "We've knew the Oklahoma game was going to be big once we got into the conference. The offense has got some work to do. I guess on momentum, we're 4-0 at this point and they're 4-0. It should have all the makings of a good game."

Colorado Buffalo Players


GENERAL: "We told ourselves to come out and play harder and harder every down, and we did. They have a great passing game and we just wanted to slow him down. (Kingsbury) is a great quarterback and he never stops reading his receivers. If you put pressure on the quarterback, it always makes it easier on the secondary."

ON HIS FIRST INTERCEPTION: "I just read the quarterback's eyes and broke on the ball. My mind was set on getting into the end zone, and I just wanted to help my team out."


GENERAL: "I give all the credit to the secondary. (Kingsbury) did not have his first and second reads, and the secondary did a great job. We just took the mentality to go out there and play 100 plays. Every practice we heard about their offense. Sometimes you get tired of hearing about them, but it's necessary. It's all 11 guys and then some more. It's really a team effort on defense."

ON HIS TOUCHDOWN: "I came with a different move and got a free rush on Kingsbury. I hit him and I guess he fumbled the ball, so I just picked it up and ran. I've never scored in college, so I didn't know what to do. It was crazy."


GENERAL: "It took us about three series to get a rhythm and get comfortable out there. In this kind of offense, it is so important to get into a rhythm. They were coming in on crazy angles that we hadn't seen and practiced for, so we had to adjust. On the whole, we did a good enough job, but we can get better by working on the details."

ON THE CU DEFENSE: "They did an unbelievable job in every aspect of the game. I wasn't one of the people downing our defense. I knew they could do it, and they showed it today. They played lights out defense."

ON CHRIS BROWN'S HEISMAN HOPES: "I think it's a possibility. He's leading the nation in rushing. Why not? Look at the yards he gets per carry."


ON HIS INTERCEPTION: "That was all Tyler Brayton pass rushing and hurrying the quarterback. The football came to me, and I'm not real good at returning, but I put our offense on the five yard line and I'll take that any day."

ON THE DEFENSIVE STRATEGY: "All week the plan was not to allow any yards after the catch. We were OK with them getting three or four yards, as long as that was it. Overall, we had a good defensive effort."


GENERAL: "Our defense played a great game against a really good offense. They scored points off turnovers and were consistent. We tried to have some long drives to keep the defense off the field, but we didn't do too goof of a job with that. They didn't need it, they did it without us."


ON HIS INTERCEPTION: "We were just in bracket coverage and it was just me and Medford Moorer back there. I saw Kingsbury looking at the receiver, and the receiver didn't look for the ball quick enough. The ball went off his shoulder pad and I caught it."


ON SPECIAL TEAMS: "Our game plan was to make a lot of big plays on special team and set the tone for the offense. Guys were making great blocks, flying around the field like it was their last play. That's the kind of people you need on special teams. It's fun to play special teams. I grew up watching guys like Rocket Ismail and I just try to make a play at any level."


ON CU'S DEFENSE: "All along, people have been telling use we were the weak link of this team. Today, we just wanted to come out and make a statement, and I really think we did that."


ON CU'S DEFENSE: "Our defense by far played the best game of the year, I'll take a performance like that every game; they were absolutely fantastic. They wreaked havoc, and were all over the place, making plays."

ON OKLAHOMA: "If we can keep getting better, then I think it will be a great football game this weekend. They are a really good football team, but we have some weapons, too. It will be a really tough place to play in, but if we come out and play our style, Colorado Football, then I really like our chances."

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