Head Coach Gary Barnett Quotes

Read what the CU Head Coach had to say about Oklahoma and this weeks game at Missouri.

BOULDER - University of Colorado head coach Gary Barnett held his weekly media luncheon Tuesday afternoon. The following are excerpts from the press conference along with notes from the Buffs' evening practice session.

On the Oklahoma Loss:


"We played hard, we just didn't play very smart. Our own miscues put us in a hole, and that didn't give us a chance to win the game. Combine that with Oklahoma's character, and it was really tough for us. Going into the game, I said it would be turnovers and special teams that would be critical. For the most part, I was right. I felt like it was a showdown at the O.K. corral, we just didn't bring our gun."


"I thought we played really well on defense. I was really proud of the effort they gave us. They were put in some really tough positions and they kept us in the game."

On CU's Mindset and Future:


"This isn't a team that is looking ahead. We have an opportunity, and now we have to go out and play better than we did last week to beat Missouri. We have got our work cut out for us. (This game) is a pretty solid match up for Missouri and us. When you look at our offense and their defense, and their defense and our offense, you see it is going to be a good one. When I first looked at our schedule, I said that this would be a big game for us. If we want a chance to play on Dec. 7 (in the Big 12 title game), we need to win this game. Trust me...our coaches and players are strictly looking at Missouri."

On Missouri:


"This is a very dangerous team offensively. They have got a bright, young, talented quarterback who they are building their program around. You can see how valuable and dangerous he is every snap. He's a great athlete, throws the ball really well and is really poised for a redshirt freshman. Smith is a superstar in the making. He really runs that show. When I heard that they were going to start a redshirt freshman, I said, 'Yes!' Then I saw him play and I said, 'No!' Smith is the catalyst right now. He's what that thing is growing around."


"Their defense is exactly the same scheme we play. We know how difficult it is... that's why we play it. It is a pretty scary match up. (DE Antwaun) Bynum has really been a playmaker. He is in there with (DT Keith) Wright, and they play really well. We had a fit with those guys last year. We have got to be really careful there."

On CU QB Robert Hodge:


"We have got to ensure that if Robert is on, and things are going well, that we continue to put him in the position where he best plays at. He actually played pretty well in the fourth quarter, and really in the second half. But that was the first time he's played a No. 1-ranked team and a No.1 defense. I don't have any worries, though. Robert's a cool guy and nothing bothers him. You are not always going to look like a superstar. He'll come back and play well."

On CU RB Chris Brown:


"Chris Brown has played tremendously at his position. He has given us more than we expected. He's been above and beyond the point where everybody depends on Chris-probably too much.

"He's been such a good player that he makes up for some other players' mistakes sometimes. We don't want to get into that mindset where Chris is always going to rush for 200 yards. That's the problem we get with Chris playing so well-everybody gets to expecting he's going to do that and nobody else is ready to make the plays they need to make at the other positions.

"A player like Chris brings everybody else's level up as well. I think that's happened to some extent with Chris. I don't think we've had this feel where everybody's always depending on him to make the plays and not making it themselves. I think Chris has elevated the play of everybody else on the team. That's the value he has to our football team."

Tuesday Practice Notes:

Barnett said that linebacker Sean Tufts (high ankle sprain) underwent testing Tuesday afternoon and will not need surgery. Instead, the junior Tufts, will miss this weekend's game as he continues to rehabilitate the injury that has sidelined him for the last five games... Senior OT Rawle King (fractured finger) did not practice Tuesday, but will play this Saturday according to Barnett.

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