Q&A With Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams is the most veteran wide receiver on CU's roster this spring, and will be in the fall. Williams spoke with BSN Monday about Saturday's scrimmage, and the effects the hurry up offense has on the wide outs.

BSN: How is spring ball going?
Patrick Williams
: I feel like it's going good. The first scrimmage, it showed we've made a lot of progress in the first part of spring as an offense.

BSN: Have you looked at film of that scrimmage?
Patrick Williams
: Yes.

BSN: What did you see in the passing game?
Patrick Williams
: For the first scrimmage, maybe we didn't break our routes off like we've could have sometimes because the defense, they were throwing some new looks at us. But I think we're at a good starting point. I didn't see any big mistakes. There were a couple of missed assignments, but I thought everybody did pretty well.

BSN: You racked up over 600 yards as an offense. I know there were some key linebackers missing, but that's got to feel good for the first spring scrimmage to do that.
Patrick Williams
: It felt good. Like you said, we were missing a lot of guys. I would feel a lot better if all the linebackers were there and we did the same thing. But it's a good start. We can't get too comfortable; it's the first spring scrimmage. But at the same time, I think we executed very well.

BSN: Does it feel different than previous springs at this time in the process?
Patrick Williams
: Yes and no. I kind of feels like we've been doing this a while. As a receiving corps, we've always been young – every year I've been here. But now there are more players who played (as freshmen) last year. They're more used to the system. On the other side, we're learning new things, like how to take signals from the sidelines. That's different for us.

BSN: How is that going? The new hurry up thing?
Patrick Williams
: I think it's going good. It gets us in shape, for sure. Hopefully, it'll benefit us in the season.

BSN: Do you have a sense yet how much you'll use that?
Patrick Williams
: I think it'll depend on what we're trying to get done each week. It's good to always have in your repertoire.

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