Player Spotlight: Marquez Herrod

If the 2008 season started today, Marquez Herrod would probably be in the starting lineup at one of the defensive end spots. The sophomore has added 20 pounds to his frame since the end of last season and is working hard to hone his pass-rushing skills this spring. Inside, Herrod talks about his game.

BSN: What's your favorite thing about playing defensive end?
Marquez Herrod
: Probably getting to rush the passer. That's what I like to do; what I've always liked to do. It's a great feeling when you get a sack, man. All eyes are on you.

BSN: Is that what Coach Bandison has been emphasizing with you? Working with you on pass rushing?
: Yeah, he's definitely been emphasizing 2.8 seconds. That's how long we've got to get to the quarterback. We've got to get there and make a sack. That's definitely what he's been focusing on.

BSN: What do you have to get better at as far as pass rushing?
: Every day I've got to come out here and be strong in my moves. Work on a different angle every day. I can't just settle into one thing, I've got to be prepared for things to change.

BSN: How many moves do you have?
: I've got about four. I can mix it up. It depends on who I'm going against, and down and distance. There are a lot of variables that go into it.

BSN: How important is a good pass rush going to be to the defense next season?
: It's vital. If we can't get there in 2.8, we're leaving our (secondary) on an island. We've really got to get there. We've got to get the pass rush going. It's something we lacked last year, so it's definitely something we've got to get going.

BSN: How much do you weigh right now?
: About 275.

BSN: What did you play at last year?
: 255.

BSN: How do you feel as far as your quickness at that weight?
: I still feel really agile. I lost some of my straight ahead speed for a while, but I've still got my quickness. I'm still getting off that edge. The weight's going to help me. It's the Big 12. Oklahoma is no joke, I've got to be big.

BSN: Speaking of going against guys, how are the tackles you go up against in practice looking?
: They're good. Nate (Solder) just went over there (to offensive tackle). He's giving me a lot of good competition. He's a big dude like I'm going to see next year on the field. They're all that big and they're all that fast. He's giving me a good look in practice.

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