Interview with CU RB Marcus Houston

Marcus Houston had big plans for the 2002 season, but an injured knee was not part of it. Buffs Insider interviewed Marcus back in November and boy how things have changed. With rumors of his impending transfer, we wanted to give readers another chance to read what he had to say back in November.

After bulking up in the off-season, CU RB Marcus Houston was looking for a strong, controversy-free 2002.

That dream came to a quick end when in the first half of the first game against CSU, Houston limped off the field after injuring his knee.

Since then, Houston has watched from the sidelines and it has not been easy. But with three games to go, Houston is hoping to return to help his team-mates drive for the Big 12 championship.

Here is the Buffs Insider exclusive interview with Marcus Houston

BI:Along with Marcus Houston, unfortunately we haven't talked too much this season...

MH: It's been a while.

BI: Who's the rehab coming along and hows the knee?

MH: It It's coming along, I'm making some progress each day. You know I could tell I injured it and I expected that but, I'm pleased with the progress I'm making so far and the trainers and coaches are also, I'm just trying to get back out there and contribute."

BI: Is there a chance we may see you out on the field this weekend? (vs Missouri)

MH: We'll just see, you know, I was on the field today which is a good thing and will be on the field again tomorrow. As much as I can be on the field is a postive thing but it has been a lot of hard work but it is coming along good."

BI: We're glad to hear that because the RBs took a beating against a very physical Oklahoma defense. It would be nice to have some fresh legs on the field.

MH: Yeah, I think that is one of the special things about our program is that we've been able to have talented running backs and I have noticed over the years that I've been here, my first year we didn't have depth at the RB postiion. I think everybody ended up starting a few times. Last year we had a lot more and went to the Big 12 championship and won, so this year depth at RB and at all the other postions too will play a key role in how far we make it.

BI: I know you worked out hard last year year in the off-season and were ready for a huge year. I know it's a dumb question but how disappointing has it been to watch from the sideline?

MH: I think everybody has obstacles for a reason and part of being a football player is being able to rise to the challenges in front of you. For me, the challenge right now has been my knee which is difficult knowing the type of shape that I was in prior to this season. I felt really good during spring ball and the summer workouts. But right now, just comparing right now to how I was in the fall camp, I know I have some work to do but it feels good and I'm just trying to get it so I can go out there and be effective.

BI: Well we can't wait to get you back out on the field, good luck and hopefully that will be sooner than later.

MH: Yes, it will be, thanks a lot.

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