Vote Chris Brown For The Walter Camp Award

Fans can log on and cast their vote for CU running back Chris Brown as he attempts to win the Walter Camp Award.

First of all, you may ask "who was Walter Camp" and "why is there such an award"?

Walter Camp is recognized as the "Father of American Football" and one of the giants of football in the US.

It was Camp who developed the game as it is played today. The game evolved from rugby as it was played in England to what we now recognized a football in the US.

Camp is credited with the play from scrimmage, the numerical assessment of goals and tries, the restriction of play to eleven men per side, set plays, and strategy features which have led to the development of the fast, interesting, and organized game which we enjoy so much today.

Today, you have the opportunity to place a vote for Chris Brown and the Walter Camp Award. Go to: Feel free to forward this story to as many Buff fans and friends as possible, so we can help get out the vote for our Buffalo Running Back! Go Buffs!

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