Big 12 North Champs!!!

Hear what Head Coach Gary Barnett and the CU players had to say about the Iowa State win.

Head Coach Gary Barnett:


"First of all that was an extremely hard fought football game. Seneca Wallace is a great football player and I'm glad that we don't have to see him anymore."

"Both teams had turnovers and both teams were physical. Much like our season we persevered. This game is what made us into who we are."

On Clinching The North Division Title:

"It's obviously huge for this team considering everything that we've been through to be in the position to play for the championship...We staggered a bit but we were able to come back." "It was wonderful to be there and watch them win and meet the goal that we set."

On Senior Leadership:

"I really got out of the way. They knew the situation and they knew that we are all in it together. I think it all started at UCLA when Tyler Brayton drew the line. We even had T-shirts made that said 'the line has been drawn'...since then we've played like a team that deserves to be in the Big 12 championship game."

On The Win:

"We just had guys make plays. We didn't have to make any big changes...We band-aided it up and found a way."

On The Upcoming Nebraska Game:

"We've only thought about this game, not the Nebraska game. We're a take-it-one-game-at-a-time kind of team. I think it was definitely sweeter to win (the north title) at home, but if we had had to go to Lincoln to win it we would have done that too."

On The Return Of Marcus Houston:

"He had one really nice carry in there. It was nice to see him back in there."

On The Play Of The Defense:

"Considering everything I think they did okay. We didn't tackle real well tonight. I think we made enough plays but that team had a heck of an offense."

On WR D.J. Hackett:

"I think the last couple of games you've been able to see why we were so excited about getting Hackett here."

On QB Robert Hodge:

"He's our guy and it's great that he's gotten to step up the way he has. I think that that is one heck of a story."

On The Halftime Lead:

"I think that lead at the half was huge especially in light of the fact that we gave them seven points easily, but the whole game, you never felt like you were safe."

On The Offense:

"There were times when we sputtered but when they had to do it they did...I think there's a great sense of team with that offense."

Colorado Players

FS Medford Moorer

GENERAL -- "Each and every week we say we're going to play hard and focus and defend the Big 12 Championship. Now we're the Big 12 North Champions."

ON HIS TD -- "I saw (Seneca Wallace) fumble the snap. It came out kind of high, everyone was scrambling for the ball. I got it, picked it up, and ran it back."

SG Marwan Hage

ON THE RUNNING GAME -- "Our running backs were awesome. We had to make some adjustments early on, but after a while, whoever we brought in was running the ball all over."

ON DEFENDING BIG 12 TITLE -- "We would like to have another chance to play Oklahoma and redeem ourselves from the first game, but two weeks from now we have a big match-up and then the Big 12 and it's going to be crazy."

WR Derek McCoy

ON BEING NORTH CHAMPS -- "There's no question that Iowa State is a great football team, but I am not going to feel like a North-division champ until we beat Nebraska. It won't feel like a complete season until we beat Nebraska."

ST Justin Bates

GENERAL - "In our minds we had to win this game. We had to win it here, and there was no other question. Its nice to get the win at home, especially being a senior. This is really satisfying, considering all the ups and downs we've been through this season. It has been incredible and I'm sure after the USC game no one thought we would be here. With an experienced player like Seneca Wallace on the field, you never know what type of game its going to be."

ON THE TEAMS ADVERSITY - "Adversity is the big things and little things we've had to go through this season, like loosing coaches and players. But we can't let that affect what we do on the field."

ON THE PLAY OF Bobby Purify - "Our whole backfield is filled with incredible backs, and I'll block for any of them. Bobby (Purify) came in and knew what he had to do, and got the job done."

ON COLORADO RUNNING BACKS - "I have as much faith in our other running backs as I do Chris Brown. All of them are capable of coming in and making big plays. It's a credit to our work ethic and our coaches."

DT Sam Wilder

GENERAL- " We just came out and fought. We persevered and that is what this team has been about ever since I've been here. Seneca Wallace made some plays with his feet and arms. He is a great player and deserves every bit of attention he gets. But the seniors do a great job of getting us prepared and we wouldn't be here without them."

ON UPCOMING NEBRASKA GAME- "This is our rival and as soon as the clock said 0:00 we were thinking about Nebraska. We expect their best and have two weeks to prepare for them."

DB Phil Jackson

ON SENECA WALLACE- "For anyone to be a Heisman candidate is a great compliment. We knew he was going to make plays, but we had to make more of them."

ON THE PLAY OF THE DEFENSE- "Playing defense, we got to have a short memory. One mistake results in a big play because you are on an island out there and every mistake is magnified. We got to keep our focus and work hard this bye week.

ON MEDFORD MOORER'S FUMBLE RECOVERY- "The defense was on our heels and it was just great for that to happen for us." RB Marcus Houston

ON HIS PLAYING TIME - "My chance came and I went out there and gave it my all and forgot about my knee. I felt good out there. There is a lot of preparation and I'll have to be ready for Nebraska."

ON THE TEAM'S ADVERSITY - "There will always be critics out there, but sports isn't fun without that."

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