Take Five with Scotty McKnight

We're starting a new periodic feature today in which we spend a few minutes talking with current or former Buffs, coaches or recruits asking them questions to shed some light on the state of the team and recent events in their lives.

Though we're calling it "Take Five" we won't promise to always limit ourselves to just five questions. In fact, we broke that rule right off the bat with wide receiver Scotty McKnight. Enjoy.

This is your third fall camp in Boulder. How does it compare to the previous two?

Scotty McKnight: "The biggest thing is tempo and competition. You know, obviously, when competition arises, it brings out the best in everyone. You've seen that in big programs in the past like USC where great players breed competition and that in turn also increases the tempo. People are going hard and I think everyone is taking it serious. People focused on technique in the offseason and this summer and we took advantage of that. It's kind of showing in camp right now because this first week of camp was far and away better than last year."

You've been moved to the slot receiver in at least some formations this year. How is that treating you?

Scotty McKnight: "I love it. I'm playing outside in two receiver still and the slot when we go three receivers. Honestly, I love it in there. It's fun for me. There is a lot of crossing routes and that kind of stuff and I like that."

You and Cody Hawkins are good friends and you've been together for three years. You seem to have a feel for each other on the field. What is that like?

Scotty McKnight: "I think we both really understand the game. We understand what defenses are trying to do. In man when there is nothing really to it but he's trying to guard you, but especially in zone coverages. We understand where they want their guys to be and where they're not going to be. We just kind of try to find those spots and take advantage of it."

You're going into the season with basically the same group of receivers as last year minus Dusty Sprague and Stephone Robinson. How will you guys be better.?

Scotty McKnight: "Like I said. We took advantage of the offseason. I definitely feel quicker than last year and a little bigger. Josh Smith is looking really good so far. Mentally he's down right now and not making many mental mistakes. Physically, you know obviously he was fast last year, he's even faster now. He's bigger and more confident. It comes in to we were really young last year. That jump from freshman to your sophomore year is huge. You got a year of playing out of the way where you really kind of get your feet wet and you're feeling more comfortable.

"It really makes it easy when you've got a guy like Pat Williams. He really is the leader of our group and kind of shows you how to do it. He coaches you all the time and is one of the hardest workers on the team. So, I find myself doing it all the time, you just kind of want to follow Pat's lead."

What game are you most looking forward to this season?

Scotty McKnight: "Honestly, people would probably say, ‘Don't look past the first game.' I'm really looking forward to the Colorado State game. I love playing in Invesco. I think that's really fun. Then we have a lot of games to choose from. I'm just really focused on Colorado State."

One bonus question. How is your boy, USC quarterback Marc Sanchez, doing after suffering an injury in his fall camp?

Scotty McKnight: "He's doing good. I've talked to him the past couple days. His spirits are up and he started his rehab stuff today. He'll be back. He was practicing really well in camp. It's unfortunate this happened with some goofy type thing. There is no tears and all that and he's going to have a quick recovery. He's going to have a big game against Virginia or else I'm gonna be bustin him."

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