Take Five with Jalil Brown

Colorado defensive back Jalil Brown has practiced at safety and cornerback in his two previous seasons on the roster and last year he found a home in the kicking game where he led the team in special teams points.

With game-week looming and a new depth chart due to be released Thursday, it appears Brown is line for plenty of playing time at cornerback this season. The man who is called J.B. by some of his teammates had two interceptions in the second scrimmage of fall camp, including picking off starting quarterback Cody Hawkins.

How has training camp been this year?

Jalil Brown: "It's been pretty good. I've been staying healthy and that's been one of the positives compared with the last two camps. The first camp coming in my freshman year had the hamstring problem. Then last year I had turf toe and that held me back a little bit. With this camp, I'm actually fully healthy and it's going really good. I feel like I'm a lot further ahead than I was last year. I know the plays, I know where my help is and all those type of things whereas before I was out there with brand new plays, not knowing what I was supposed to do, where I'm supposed to be at. Now I feel a lot more comfortable and more mature out there on the field."

How much does earning a starting spot at cornerback mean to you?

Jalil Brown: "It means a lot to me. Right now that's the main thing on my mind. Each year I'm trying to progress. Last year I had a good year on special teams. This year I hope I have an even better year on defense. Every day in practice I'm trying to earn the starting cornerback spot, and that's the way I'm treating it. It's a job contest. That's the way I'm looking at it."

A lot of people seem to be worried about the secondary with the loss of older players like Terrence Wheatley and Ben Burney and so many inexperienced guys. Does that bother you?

Jalil Brown: "Not at all. I feel like overall the secondary has made a lot of strides. This year we have a lot of players who can come in behind the starters, and I don't know who the starters are going to be. But whoever it is we have backup guys who can come in and get the job done also. Last year the starters were the main two and we were having problems getting guys in behind them, not knowing plays and all the defense. Now, everybody is mature. You go in there and you know where your help is and you get the job done. The defense is a lot more like a unit."

Will you still play a lot of special teams this year if you start at cornerback?

Jalil Brown: "Yes, I'm still on all the special teams I was last year. The defense is going to be …I'm trying to make that work for me this year."

How much did you learn in your first two years from Terrence and Ben?

Jalil Brown: "T-Wheat taught me a lot. Every time I'd get up there, especially pressing, he would tell me where I was doing stuff wrong. I was on my heels here, I was putting my hands down here and things like that. And he also taught me leverage, things like when a receiver releases inside, he's probably going to run an inside route. Ben, he taught me a lot about maturity and things more off the field. Getting the job done in the classroom and your secondary life with partying and stuff, how to keep that to a minimum and be smart about it."

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