View from the other side

Colorado hosts Eastern Washington from the Big Sky Conference on Saturday in Folsom Field at 1:30 p.m. EWU coach Beau Baldwin answered a few questions from the media in a teleconference Wednesday.

Impressions of Game 1 and is it tough to get a full read when going against a team like Texas Tech?

Baldwin: "It's sometimes tough to see exactly where you're at. I felt like our guys came out and competed hard. We dug ourselves a little bit of a hole early."

Impressions of Colorado and what they look like in comparison with Texas Tech?

Baldwin: "They are somewhat similar. They both have excellent quarterbacks. No one is exactly just like Texas Tech. Colorado is spreading it out more. They have a lot of great skill players. Overall, Colorado is more of a physical team. That will be a challenge for us. They are well-coached, have a lot of good players. They are going to be right in the hunt in their conference. It's a tough ball game''

What needs to improve from week 1 to week 2?

Baldwin: "More than anything I just want to see our focus and concentration early in the game. I think we lacked that a little bit last week, it took us awhile to get going, especially on offense. I hope to see that improve. I'd like to improve the turnover margin. That really tells the tail in the win-loss record. I want to improve on that, and operate a little more smoother and more crisp. We were a little spotty. We had some good drives here and there, and made some big plays, and then we turned around and shot ourselves in the foot."

Coach Leach said he was impressed with your team, ability to hang in and get discouraged. Did you have the same feeling?

Baldwin: "I was proud of our guys. You get involved in a ball game with a team like Texas Tech, no matter what level you are. You can be in their conference and get behind 20-0, certain teams will fold right there. That could end up 59-7. I was really proud of our guys. I thought we stayed together, no one panicked, no one pointed fingers, nothing like that. We knew we had to make some big plays, and play a good second quarter to get back into it.

Dynamic of starting the season with two FBS teams.

Baldwin: "It's a challenge, but our guys are excited about it. They were pumped up about playing Texas Tech. I think the biggest challenge is coming back and doing it again, from an emotional standpoint. Our guys came out and played at a high level and extremely pumped up, and they needed to be in order to compete in a game like that.

"The challenge this week for us is we have to find away to come out with the same attitude, same motor, same heart and desire we played with in Game 1 if we want to have a shot against Colorado. That's always a challenge coming back week 2 when you play two great teams in a row. We're going to do everything we can to go win that ballgame. That's our mindset. Win or loss, we have to come out of it positive."

On quarterback Matt Nichols performance last week.

Baldwin: "I thought Matt played really well. You look at three interceptions, but one was definitely not his fault. I do want to cut down on that. I don't want to throw any interceptions as the quarterbacks coach and head coach. At the same time, I know when you drop back against an opponent like Texas Tech with a lot of athletes all over, you're bound to have something go wrong. I thought he did a great job with his reads, I thought he did a good job in a tough situation where they knew we were going to throw, we had to throw to get back into it.''

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