Take Five with Ryan Walters

The Colorado Buffaloes have spent the past week preparing to face an explosive West Virginia offense in the third game of the season this Thursday.

Senior safety Ryan Walters has already watched hours of film of the Mountaineers. He shared his thoughts on what the Buffs have to do to stop WVU in a nationally televised game at Folsom Field.

What are your impressions of the West Virginia offense?

Ryan Walters: "With the new guy from Wake Forest, they're trying to spread you out and make Pat White throw it. Whether they're going to do that or not when they play us, I'm not really sure. They've got a lot of great skill guys on their offense and Pat White is obviously very mobile. Noel Devine is probably one of the fastest kids in the nation. Even though he's little, he makes people miss. So he makes up for it. We've got our work cut out for us for sure."

What are a few things you believe are important for you guys to execute in order to slow them down?

Ryan Walters: "Just swarming to the ball. I mean, they're going to make somebody miss. We've just got to be great tacklers and really focus on getting our hands on them, and like I said swarm to the ball so we don't let nothing break. We want to eliminate the big play."

Some guys have talked about trying to make them one-dimensional. Is that the approach and is it possible?

Ryan Walters: "Yeah, our defensive philosophy is to stop the run first. And so by doing that, you make teams put it in the air. That's what we're trying to make them do."

In the past, this defense has struggled some with quarterbacks who are dual-threat guys, players such as Chase Daniel and Todd Reesing. You've had more success against guys who stay more on the pocket like Graham Harrell. Obviously, Pat White looks like trouble.

Ryan Walters: "You've got to play technique sound and play to your help and kjust play smart football when you play quarterbacks like that. We've got another year under our belt. We're a smarter team. If he's going to get loose one time, it's just a matter of getting him down and not letting him get too many yards."

You hear and read a lot about Pat White and Noel Devine, but you don't hear a lot about their receivers and tight ends. What are your impressions of those guys?"

Ryan Walters: "All of them can move really well. Their tight end is more of a pass-catching tight end and not really a big run blocker. They've got a lot of skill positions and we've just got to try to keep everything in front of us, eliminate the run, swarm to the ball and tackle."

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