Hawkins signs extension

Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins met with media at his weekly luncheon Tuesday, but before talk turned to football athletic director Mike Bohn announced Hawkins had signed his new contract first approved by regents last summer.

CU coach Dan Hawkins received small raises in the new deal and several new incentives were added. Hawkins will earn $50,000 each year for winning seven games and an additional $25,000 for winning eight games.

Hawkins was asked if he was pleased to get the extension out of the way.

"Everybody always seems to worry about that more than I do," Hawkins said. "The way I was raised. You've got to show up and put your boots on and go to work every day. That's how you put food on the table."

Hawkins said he is happy with CU for increasing funding and fundraising around his program, but he said he will continue to push for more, including long-term contracts and better pay for assistant coaches. Hawkins said in each of the past two seasons other programs have tried to hire away several of his assistants. He said even after the Buffs went 2-10 in the 2006 season, four or five of his assistants received inquiries about other jobs.

Hawkins said he understands state laws would have to be changed to secure multi-year deals for his assistants, but he believes it could be done.

"I believe as we continue to get better, our guys are going to get preyed upon a lot, and that's going to make it very tough for me," Hawkins said. "I think everybody is doing what they can.

"I think functionally at the higher level, we need to be able to change things so that these guys can be on multi-year contract, and then we're able to work toward some equity with the rest of the conference because we did a good job last year of staving off the wolves."

Hawkins deal includes a buyout clause protecting the school in case Hawkins chose to leave. If Hawkins left before the end of the 2009 season, he would have to pay CU $1 million. He would pay the school $500,000 if he left at any point after the 2009 season before the start of the 2012 season.

Hawkins said his contract terms are often brought up in recruiting by recruits and their parents who want to know he is going to be in Boulder throughout their careers at CU. Hawkins said he believe s the extension will help in recruiting because it's one less thing other coaches can use against the Buffs.

I guarantee everybody is going to pull out every bullet in their holster," Hawkins said.

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