Hawkins postmortem

LAWRENCE, Kan.--- Colorado coach Dan Hawkins answered questions from reporters after today's 30-14 loss to No. 16 Kansas. Find out what Hawkins had to say inside.

Post-game interview with Dan Hawkins.

What happened in second half?

"They played better than we did."

Did they make some sort of offensive adjustment that allowed them to succeed?

"They just made plays."

Did your defense get worn down?

"I don't know."

The offense struggled once again to put up points. What are your observations?

"Not playing good enough."

When you put Matt (Ballenger) in you were down 16 points. Were you just looking for a spark there?


Have you decided if you're going to do anything with your quarterback position?

"Cody will start."

What happened on the safety play and what did you say to Cody about that?

"He just lost concentration and did something he shouldn't have done."

Was Josh (Smith) banged up a little bit? He wasn't in there for awhile as a wide receiver.


Where did you feel like the game got away from you?

"You gave up the safety and then you had an opportunity for maybe three points there. So that's kind of a five-point swing there. Then as the offense got back into it, then we weren't able to stop them there for a couple drives in the third quarter."

Were they doing something different offensively because you seemed to do a pretty good job against them in the first half?


What do you take from today?

"Just got to keep going. Just got to keep going."

What did you tell the team?

"That same thing, in a long-winded way."

Obviously, it's tough going 0-2 in the conference. What do you have to do to improve?

"A lot. We've got to move the ball. We got to stop people. Play better on special teams. We got to coach better. It's the whole deal."

How is Cody feeling?

"He'll be all right."

What was your impression of how your offensive line played today?

"I thought protection was good. I thought protection was real good. And in the running game, we didn't get a lot of creases, but I thought in general they played pretty good."

Speaking of the running game, we didn't see a lot of Darrell Scott again. Is it unfair to say that maybe six games into the season with the amount of action he's getting that his freshman season is going to waste?

"No. You're halfway through. How old are you going to live to be? What's the average age of a male in America? (74?) Yeah, so if you get to 40, you're going to cash it in? No. Not at all."

The sprained ankle. Was that lingering today for Darrell?


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