Take Five with George Hypolite

There are few men as eloquent as Colorado defensive tackle George Hypolite. The future attorney and NFL defender told us what makes stopping the Missouri Tigers so difficult.

What are your impressions of the Missouri Tigers?

George Hypolite: "My impression of the Missouri Tigers is a high-powered offense. They can score points on anybody, will score points on anybody at any time. That a lead is never safe. I bet Texas, even though they were up 35-3, was thinking (exhales). 'They can score 35 in a heartbeat so we better keep putting up points.'"

What is the formula for stopping them or slowing them down?

George Hypolite: "The formula is tackle. They thrive off big plays. They create a lot of big plays. You know, Jeremy Maclin will catch the ball on the edge, make a few guys miss and then out-run them to the corner. Chase Coffman hurdles two guys, spin moves to the end zone. Chase Daniel keeps the play alive with his feet, 35-yard bomb for a touchdown. The biggest thing is eliminating explosion plays and stopping the run. And the way you eliminate explosion plays is tackle. When they catch the ball, we've got to tackle them."

How difficult is it to sack Chase Daniel?

George Hypolite: "I mean, it's very difficult. No. 1, he lines up in shotgun seven yards off the ball. And then with the way he can run, a good o-line, we're always in trouble. So I think the thing with Chase sometimes is we just want to make him always feel pressure. We don't ever want him to sit back there comfortably. We always want him running so he's thinking, thinking, thinking and running and running and then 'OK, where is the rush coming from?' If we can do that, then we'll be successful."

Have you guys learned anything from watching film of their two most recent games?

George Hypolite: "There are a lot of things to be learned, but the more important thing is, you can't necessarily take what you see on film and 100 percent apply it to our team like it's just going to happen, because, No. 1, Oklahoma State is the No. 6 team in the country. Texas is the No. 1 team in the country. And those two defenses and those two teams have different personnel and their guys play different and they run a different system. So I think for us, it's just about seeing the plays that they run well. Preparing for those plays and coming out on Saturday and cutting it loose."

What do you think about the young guys you're out here practicing with and who will be trying to fill your shoes next year?

George Hypolite: "I think the program is OK. I think there is a lot of young talent in this program, which is always a good thing. I think that young guys have been getting experience. Eugene (Goree) has played on both sides of the ball this year. There is really going to be a lot of positive mojo. I don't think they have to replace me. I think they've got enough guys on the team that you guys might not even think about me anymore.

Are you enjoying your senior season?

George Hypolite: "Of course. I get to be around 105 guys that I love. I get to come and play football every day. On Saturdays, I get to play in front of 60,000 screaming people. Who doesn't enjoy that?"

What are you reading right now?

George Hypolite: "I'm reading a book called 'When Earth Meets Hell.' It's a story of a young woman during, I want to say, before the Communist regime took over in China and her trying to join the army and her experience after she does join the army. It's a very good book."

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