Hawkins talks recruiting

Colorado has just five commitments for the 2009 recruiting class with three months to go before signing day. Coach Dan Hawkins recently shared his thought on how things are going on recruiting trail this year.

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins is generally patient in the recruiting process, but this year he has to be even more so because of the level of recruit the program is targeting, the way the season is going and the competition the Buffs face for players.

The Buffs are struggling through another mediocre season, underachieving in some areas, and recruits seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to choosing between CU and other schools.

Hawkins would prefer to have more players in the fold at this point, but he isn't concerned by only having five oral pledges.

We're about the same as we always have been," Hawkins said.

He also realizes there is a lot of uncertainty and second guessing in these final few months before signing day. It's the one area of recruiting most coaches loathe, and Hawkins is among them.

"The whole commitment, de-commitment, non-commitment, soft-commitment, hard-commitment, you know?" he said.

Hawkins expects to sign between 15-20 players, depending on how many scholarships he ultimately has to offer once January and February arrive. CU needs help at wide receiver and the defensive line first and foremost, but signing several offensive linemen, and more athletes for the secondary also are needs.

The Buffs have commitments from two Southern California quarterbacks Clark Evans and Jordan Wynn, Dallas-area wide receiver Jarrod Darden, Nosa Eguae, a defensive lineman from Texas and Jack Harris, one of the best in-state offensive linemen.

Hawkins said he is happy with how recruiting is going so far.

"I am. We're on some really good guys," Hawkins said.

Once again this year CU coaches have early playing time on their side as a selling point, particularly at wide receiver where playmakers and speed are badly needed. CU could sign as many as four or five wideouts in this class.

Hawkins said part of the reason the Buffs have a short commitment list so far is because they are competing with some of the best schools in the nation for players.

"Most of the guys we're on, a lot of other good schools are on them, too. It's a dog fight."

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