Ralphie Strikes It Rich!

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) --

Ralphie, the University of Colorado's buffalo mascot, now has a $41,000 trust fund, thanks to a bequest from a Boulder native who died last year.

> Violet Stromberg, 96, a lifelong CU football fan, left her life savings of $40,730 to create a fund to care for Ralphie. The CU Board of Regents unanimously accepted Stromberg's gift Thursday.

> "This will provide growing support for Ralphie in perpetuity -- not only for this Ralphie but all future Ralphies," said CU Treasurer Judy Van Gorden.

> The Ralphie Fund will help pay for Ralphie's hoof trimmings, transportation, harnesses, ropes, vet bills and $1,500 a year in oats, alfalfa and grass.

> The fund's principal will be invested and the income will be used to pay for Ralphie's expenses. >