Orms hoping to be undefeated champion

It has been a great year for Parker Orms the "do anything, do all" tailback/safety/kick returner from Wheat Ridge High School. Orms will try to finish an undefeated season Saturday at Invesco Field with a state title before turning his attention to his new team, the Colorado Buffaloes, in the spring.

How is the season wrapping up for your Wheat Ridge team, who do you have left to get elusive state title?

"Greeley West. They are a lot like Dakota Ridge. We made it to the state championship….it was a bit surprising, I didn't think we would make all the way, before the season started I was thinking we would win some conference games, but we just kept winning and winning and our confidence grew with every win."

What are your stats on the season?

"I have a little over 2,500 yards and I have 45 TDs (kick returns and rushing). I also have 4 picks."

How are your grades, I know you mentioned that you have worked hard to get them up?

"School is going good, I have 3.5 right now, but it has been tough with football. I still have to take the SAT."

At this point, what schools have offered you?

"UNLV and Wyoming."

Would you still like to take any trips?

"I don't think I'll take anymore."

On your trip, what was it about Colorado that sold you on the program coming back to prominence?

"Just the recruiting, the people, of all the schools that recruited me, they were the best at getting people to commit and visit. The facilities are a great; the recruiting coordinators are doing what they can to get it back to a national championship level."

Where do you see yourself playing at the next level, I know you are playing safety, but could you be a wide receiver or a tailback?

"I'm thinking I'll be playing safety, I like Greg Brown (CU Secondary Coach). I might move to receiver or running back, we'll see when I get up there."

What about returning kicks, have the coaches mentioned that as option?

"Yeah, I'll get a chance to do that?"

How much time will you be up at CU in the spring?

"I'm gonna come up as much as I can. I have baseball, but whenever I have time off I'll get up there."

How long have you been going to CU games?

"I've been going since I was little. I probably would have made it to that national championship game if I was born! But I've been to all the CU CSU games."

What does the rivalry between CU and Nebraska mean to you?

"It's a great rivalry, I've also been to couple of those games, my brother took my spot last year (comments with a sense of sadness)…..I can't wait to get up there and be a part of that rivalry, it's a great rivalry!"

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