Alamo Bowl Press Conference Quotes

CU finished their last practice before finals Thursday afternoon, but head coach Gary Barnett was not there. Why? He was busy playing golf and talking about the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

Wisconsin Head Coach Barry Alvarez

Opening Statement "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to play in the Alamo Bowl. The team's excited and so are our fans. We have the kind of fans that have their ankles taped and are ready to go."

On the preparation for the bowl game

"This bowl preparation allows us basically another spring practice. I use this as a developmental time for our young players. We have 48 freshman and sophmores on our roster. It allows us to build a foundation for next year and year's to come."

On Wisconsin running back Anthony Davis

"He led the Big Ten in rushing last year and finished strong this year with 300 yards in our last ballgame. He's a different type of runner. He's a slasher with sprinter's speed and can hit a home run."

On DB Jim Leonhard who led the nation with 10 interceptions

"He joined us as a walk-on and is one of the better stories in colllege football. He's from Tony, Wisconsin. He's a tall 5'8" who ran the wishbone as a high school quarterback. He's a great athlete who set school records for interceptions and punt returns. He's a gifted young man who made First Team All-American this season. He also won the team dunk contest which is saying a lot with all the basketball talent we have. He can stuff it anyway you want it stuffed. He will be on scholarship soon."

On Wisconsin quarterback Brooks Bollinger

"He's been a starter for years and is one of the best leaders I've ever been around. His father was a college football coach. Brooks thinks like a coach. He's the all-time winningest quarterback in Wisconsin history. He can win with the run or pass and we rely on him to do both."

On Wisconsin's 6-1 bowl record

"We've played well in bowls. We have a philosophy as far as bowls are concerned. I want them to get the total bowl experience wherever we go. We try to implement the game plan in practice before we get to the bowl site. As we get closer, we'll start squeezing it in. We have a good blend of trying to get them to enjoy the bowl, but then getting down to business when it's time."

On the match-up with Colorado

"It will be a physical and exciting game. Both teams have good running backs and will could be going up and down the field." On Colorado's Chris Brown

"He reminds me of Maurice Clarett. He's physical and can do a lot of damage once he breaks through the line of scrimmage." Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett

Opening statement

"We're extremely pleased to represent the Big 12 in this great game. We are a diverse team that has gone through adversity to get here ths year and we are looking forward to playing a quality opponent in Wisconsin. Our trademark is that we fight and play hard." On the health of the team

"We've had a tremendous running gameled by Chris Brown and Bobby Purify, both missed the Big 12 Championship game. We're hoping to have them both for this bowl game. They haven't practiced and won't practice probably until we get into San Antonio. But we certainly hope to have these two guys available to us for the game."

On the mood of the team

Right now our team is a little bit hungover from losing the Big 12 Championship. We had our first practice yesterday and sort had to kick them around a little bit to get them in the right frame. But when we get here we will be in the right frame I can guarantee that.

On Wisconsin football

"Camp Randall is one of the hardest places to play in college football. If it's going to be similar experience to Camp Randall in San Antonio, I'm going to try to get out of this now. While at Northwestern, we've had some memorable matches, Coach Alvarez and myself. One game they fumbled to set us up with a touchdown on the last play. Then the next year, we fumbled late in the fourth quarter and they scored on a 47 yard field goal to beat us on the last play of the game.

We're looking forward to playing Wisconsin. Two very similar teams. We run the same defense and almost the same offense. They've seen a lot more of it in the Big Ten. In the Big 12 there is hardly anyone like us. We're sort of a dinosaur. It will be two very physical teams that play a similar style."

On the importance of a 10 win season"

Our goal right now is to get back to that 10 win season. It sends a message to our fans and our recruits that we are legitimate. It also sends our seniors out with a great heritage that they've left. Ten wins is big for us as well as the possibility to finish in the Top 10 is part of that."

About San AntonioWe've recruited in San Antonio and have several recruits who have committed and will be freshmen next year. We've got a pretty good history and like the area to recruit from. We have good relationships with area coaches and have had luck with players from the area.

"On Colorado WR/KR Jeremy Bloom and world-class skier"

Jeremy Bloom will leave Sunday ater our team banquet to catch a plane to one of those countries in Europe that has a lot of mountains. He'll participate in the World Cup and get back to Boulder in time for our practice a week from Saturday. Over the last three weekends after our games, he's gone up to the mountains and practiced on Sundays. What he has found that football conditioning really helps him for the skiing. Anybody that has the competitiveness that he done to be a 29 year old world champion that this comes naturally to him. He is very instinctive. And he is trying to make the adjustments of participating in a more controlled sport. He is as fast backwards and sidewides as he is forward. He's probably our fastest player."

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