Freeman loves Boulder

When he picked up his phone Tuesday afternoon to talk recruiting with, a highly rated offensive lineman from Trotwood, Ohio, still hadn't heard that Colorado offensive line coach Jeff Grimes had taken a new job. How will the news affect his decision? Get inside for more.

"Whoa, hold on. The O-line coach is leaving?" Chris Freeman said. "I didn't know that?"

Chris Freeman is a mountain of a man at 6-foot-9, 345 pounds. He made an official visit to Boulder last weekend and came away thoroughly impressed. He said he has been playing phone tag with CU assistant coach Darian Hagan since leaving Boulder and believes Hagan is probably trying to reach him to tell him about Grimes' departure for Auburn.

Freeman said he has a good relationship with Grimes, but he doesn't think Grimes leaving Boulder will prevent him from becoming a Buff.

"Coach Hawkins is still there and all the other coaches are still there, so it's still the same really," Freeman said. "Just because coach Grimes isn't there, doesn't really affect Colorado, but it kind of does because I had a great relationship with coach Grimes and everything."

Freeman said he was hosted by CU running back Darrell Scott but he really spent the majority of his time with three Buffs, Scott and his friends Rodney Stewart and Doug Rippy, who he played with and against in high school in Ohio.

"It was probably one of the best visits I've taken out of all my unofficial visits and my first officials visits," Freeman said. "It was probably the best visit I've taken so far.

"I like the coaches, the players, the environment," Freeman said. "I like the students, the campus life. Getting to see a couple of my friends, Rodney Stewart and Doug Rippy, was something special because I haven't seen them in a year. Then the coaching staff is unbelievable. From the team managers up to the head coach, I just liked it a lot.

Freeman said he plans a trip to Missouri this week to visit the Buffs' Big 12 Conference North Division rival and then a trip at the end of the month to Tennessee.

Freeman said he will make his decision between those schools and Wisconsin shortly after his final visit.

Freeman said he believes the biggest factors in his decision will be the relationships he has with the coaches and players. He said the fact that he has friends at Colorado and Wisconsin give those programs an edge, but he also knows college is a time for making new friends and meeting plenty of new people.

"It helps, but it's really not too much of a factor," Freeman said. "It's a fair playing field right now between those four schools.

It sounded like Freeman was tempted to commit during his visit.

"At a couple points I was, but I still want to take the rest of my visits and then just go from there," Freeman said. "Colorado, there is a big chance I'll be going there. I liked it a lot. I'm being honest. It's a beautiful school. The temperature is great to me. It's not too cold, but it's not hot. The community of Boulder likes the football players and treats them good. It's a great school for academics. They have a lot of support and tutoring and all that stuff. All the tutoring you need. I just like the way they run the program. I just love it. I'm not even going to front.

"Other schools I liked, but at Colorado I felt like I was able to be myself and not feel like uptight and be like, 'I've got to watch what I do. I can't do this and I can't do that.' I just liked it a lot."

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