Nuckols will play right away

One of the more important prospects for this Colorado recruiting class came out of Mission Hills, Calif. Defensive Tackle, Edward Nuckols, the 6-foot-2, 290-pound man in the middle plans to make a bit of a splash this season. Get inside for our Q&A with him.

Did you have big ceremony when you signed with CU?

"I wouldn't say it was big, but we did have a little press come and some of the other athletes from my high school."

What is it about Boulder that you loved so much?

"It's just the beauty of the city. When it's spring and summer, it's so green, I've never seen a place so green. I just loved it."

Have the coaches mentioned if they plan on getting you early playing time?

"They said I definitely wont be redshirting and will probably be going in with some of the returners and playing with Nate (Nate Bonsu, DT from Allen, Texas)"

Is there any chance you'll get to carry the ball at the college level like you did in high school?

"Hopefully! I'd like to, it would be fun….They haven't mentioned it though. That would be sweet."

Do you have a favorite artist?

"I listen to Little Wayne."

Have you had a chance to talk with any of the guys in your class?

"I instant messaged with Shaun Simon on Facebook."

Will your family be coming out to games?

"Yeah, my sister and my mom plan on coming out to a couple of games. I'd like them to come the opening game, see the atmosphere since it's a rivalry game and see what it's all about."

When do you plan to report?

"July 9th is the date that we have picked. Just after the 4th of July."

Have things slowed down for you now that recruiting is over?

"Yeah definitely. I've been able to relax and it's been less stressful….It's slowed and it's good."

Will you be out here for the Spring Game?

"I know they would like us all to come out (all the commits), but my spring break is before spring practice. I plan on coming out for a few spring practices though and I definitely want to come out (for the Spring Game)."

Something CU fans don't know about you that you want them to know?

"I am pretty big guy, but I'm pretty shy and easy going when you actually get to know me. Also, my grades are in order and I'll be eligible for school."

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