Press Conference Quotes From Shawn Watson

Read what CU's offensive coordinator had to say about the Badgers, Chris Brown and the Alamo Bowl.

12/26/02 Colorado Offensive Press Conference

Colorado Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson

On preparation for the Alamo Bowl presented by MasterCard:

"We have had good practices at home and in San Antonio on Monday and Wednesday."

On Offensive Fullback Brandon Drumm "The most important player we have on offense is Brandon Drumm."

On Offensive Lineman Wayne Lucier "Wayne(Lucier) is one of the most intensive players we have had at Colorado."

On the Alamo Bowl presented by MasterCard "We feel coming into any game that people are going to try and stop us from running the football."

"We came down here hoping to put on the finishing touches."

Offensive Lineman Wayne Lucier

On the Big 12 Championship Game "There was no hangover. For a few days after the game there was a lot of disappointment, but Coach Barnett addressed the issue. We're focused on winning 10 games and having the seniors go out on a high note."

On the match-up with Wisconsin "It's a great match-up, it is a big physical conference."

On the Alamo Bowl presented by MasterCard "We're going to go out one more time as a team and try to get a win and maybe finish in the top ten. We're excited to play this game."

Quarterback Robert Hodge

On the USC Game "I know some things would be the same and some things wouldn't. I was ready to step was what I was waiting for."

On the Wisconsin Defense "Wisconsin is too good of a defense to run on all day. We have to have big plays with the special teams."

On the Alamo Bowl presented by MasterCard "The passing game will help both teams."

"We have to get long drives and wear out the defense."

"We have good backs and we know they can carry the team."