Alamo Bowl Quotes From Vince Okruch

Today, CU defensive coordinator Vince Okruch talked about everything from the Wisconsin Badgers to LB Drew Walhroos. read what he had to say.

12/27/02 Colorado Defensive Press Conference


Punter Mark Mariscal – "There's no secret as defensive coordinator, the punter is an extremely valuable weapon and Mark has done a great job for us. I think yesterday, kicking indoors was really a delight. The ball stayed up there forever and obviously there's no wind problems there."

Defensive back Donald Strickland – "Starting corner for us is Donald. We believe we have one of the best cover corners in the country."

Captain and Defensive tackle Tyler Brayton – "Captain Brayton made a position change in fall camp from defensive end to defensive tackle. We feel the results have been tremendous."

Defensive end Marques Harris – "Marques Harris went from linebacker to defensive end, a very unselfish sacrifice that enabled us to put a better football team on the field. We believe in the Big 12 Conference the key to success is speed. By those two (Brayton and Harris) young men changing positions, that has helped us to put a faster team on the field."

Free safety Medford Moorer – "Quarterback of our defense is Medford Moorer at free safety."

(On practice this week)

"We have had a very good week of practice. The people of San Antonio have welcomed us with open arms. Our play was a little rusty in the beginning. We had been off for a while and gone through final exams like most teams, but we felt Wednesday's practice was outstanding. Yesterday was very good and we can't wait for tomorrow evening to come."

(On Wisconsin)

"Wisconsin is a big strong football team and we are a smaller, faster team and this will be a classic match up of strength versus speed.

Obviously on our side of the line of scrimmage, we think that speed is going to win out. We don't want to get into a pushing and shoving match with them. We want to run around them and run through them. They are definitely bigger than what we see week in and week out and we are definitely faster than what they see week in and week out."

(On Wisconsin's run game)

"Once again we are going to face a great tailback (Wisconsin's Anthony Davis). We see that every week. I think everyone has a very good tailback, but this young man has accounted for more rushing yardage over the last two seasons then anybody else in college football. He's got tremendous speed. He is a slasher. They will zone block to one side and if nothings there he will head out the back door immediately. Again it is going to be a speed issue, pursuit, closing off cut back lanes and contain him."

(On Wisconsin's quarterback Brooks Bollinger)

"The interesting mix there is the quarterback is the second leading rusher on their team. If you take away the yardage he has lost for sacks, he is over 600 yards rushing. I think the key in addition to stopping the tailback is to not let Bollinger get on his game. He can hurt you scrambling, he can hurt you carrying the football and obviously he's efficient on his passes."

(On San Antonio)

"The people of this community have been tremendous to us. This is a great place. We are having a ball!"

(On the game)

"I really think the success of their passing game comes from play action pass. It's no secret they like to run the football. If we don't play our keys correctly and get too many guys up to stop the run they will throw the ball over our heads.

Another factor in this game is that Wisconsin doesn't turn the football over. We're going to put a big emphasis on trying to knock that ball out. Turnovers give our offense a short field and that could be huge in this game."


(On each team's tradition of wearing down opponents)

"It's going to be 60 minutes of what we call inside drill. I don't know if it's going to come down to who's going to wear who out or what is going to happen in the fourth quarter. We're just going to have to wait and see."

(On playing in a bowl game as a senior)

"Knowing that its going to be your last college football game you put more emphasis on winning instead of going out and having a good time. I know for myself the emphasis has been on winning."


(On making the switch from defensive end to defensive tackle)

"It is a big transition for me and I had a lot to learn when I changed positions. When my coaches came to me and asked me to switch, I went along with it because I thought it would be a good change. Like they said, they wanted to put their best 11 players on the field so that is what I was working for. It has been a comfortable switch for me and I am enjoying it."

PUNTER MARK MARISCAL (On punting indoors)

"It is great to be punting indoors. My day-to-day worry is usually the wind or the weather, so for that not to be and issue is great. I can just go out, be relaxed and do my job."

(On the pressure of a bowl game)

"I feel pressure every game. I try to help the defensive out and pin them back as far as possible. I am just approaching it as another game."

Note: This is the first game he has ever played in a dome.


(On the importance of stopping the run game) "It is very important to stop the run game and that is what we key on each and every game. None of us are afraid to step up and make the big tackles."


(On how Wisconsin compares to a Big 12 team)

"I compare them a little bit to Oklahoma. Both really want to establish the run game. I don't think they're as fast as Oklahoma but they definitely have a bigger line."

(On Wisconsin's motivation against a team that had a better season) "I think it might have an affect on them. Regardless we want to win 10 games. That's been key to our preparation all week. Our seniors definitely want to go out with a win."

INSIDE LINEBACKER DREW WAHLROO Prepared statement about incident earlier in the week

"First I would like to apologize to my teammates, my coaches, the fans, and the University of Colorado. My use of poor judgment has caused disappointment from many. Coach Barnett and the coaching staff have handled this matter internally. I would like to decline any other comment regarding this issue. The only questions I would like to take from here on are regarding the Wisconsin game."

(On Wisconsin's quarterback Brooks Bollinger) "The way he runs is going to be similar to what we have seen in the Big 12 as far as threats on ground. Once we get in our drops we need to keep our heads on a swivel and keep spying back and seeing where he's at and not letting him get us in a deep drop, then taking off down the field. That's where I think the linebackers should play a key part in containing him in this game."

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