Scenes From San Antonio

The Alamo Bowl is not a great bowl but it is a great place to come and visit. Too bad there are no Buff fans here to see it.

Ok, it's doesn't have the prestige of the Orange, Rose or Fiesta Bowls, but the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio is a great scene for a bowl game.

As I strolled down the river walk in San Antonio yesterday, I thought to myself, there really aren't enough bowl games. I mean if we can have a bowl game being played in Boise, Idaho in late December, then why not places like Maine (The Lobster Bowl), or Nebraska (The Corn-holio Bowl).

With 25 bowl games being played this year, there are more than enough bowl games to get your fill. I have been covering the Buffs since I was a student at CU in the late 80s and have been to my fair share of bowl games. But this is my first trip to San Antonio and the Alamo Bowl and I have to say this is a great experience. (I must take the time to shamelessly thank Game Time Travel and the Insiders for getting me here).

Unfortunately, many CU fans are missing this great experience. The river walk is full of great restuarants and bars, shops and tourist attractions. The boat ride down the river is a must, to not only get a unique look at the river walk itself but to learn the history of San Antonio. It is great old-city that mixes new with old and tradition and history with the ammeninities of today.

But it's the folks from Wisconsin that are experiencing it. After spending time at the CU team and media hotel yesterday, that was the last I saw of any CU fans. For the sake of research of course, I searched every bar and grill on the river walk and only found red. Yes, if I lived in Wisconsin I too would travel to any bowl to get out of the state. The Badgers have taken over the Alamo.

To defend CU fans, many made the trip to Texas just over three weeks ago for the Big 12 championship game, but not enough to justify the fact CU returned over 7,000 tickets. It is very unfortunate that many CU fans seem to disappear if the team is not in a BCS game.

The Alamo Bowl has been a great experience and one that I would recommend to any college football fan.

Now, it's back to the river walk to do more "research."

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