JeanBaptiste being patient

The Colorado football program hosted wide receiver Stanley JeanBaptiste on an official visit two weeks ago but still hasn't offered him a scholarship. Find out what JeanBaptiste is thinking and what other program has offered him inside.

Stanley JeanBaptiste said he spoke with Colorado wide receivers coach Eric Kiesau this morning but he still hasn't received a scholarship offer.

"He's just telling me to be patient and he's going to keep me informed about the scholarship coming," JeanBaptiste said. "That's all they're telling me."

JeanBaptiste said he is under the impression that CU coaches are waiting to learn if one of their recruits will qualify academically in Boulder.

Colorado has at least two available scholarships with two more opening up after the spring semester because former quarterback Matt Ballenger and former wide receiver Chance Blackmon are transferring this summer.

"It's kind of hard, but I like Colorado because I can get playing time," JeanBaptiste said. "So I'll just be patient with them."

Colorado also has offered a scholarship to former Michigan wide receiver Toney Clemons, who will choose his next school by mid-May and visited Boulder last weekend. Clemons would not be able to play next season because of NCAA transfer rules.

JeanBaptiste said there is a chance he would consider coming to Boulder without a scholarship but with a promise of one in the future. But that isn't the ideal situation, especially considering he has a scholarship offer on the table from Florida International, which is recruiting him to play safety.

The 6-foot-3 wide receiver from the Miami area says he is trying to be patient with CU because he really likes the program and wants to be a Buff, but doing so is hard because Florida International has ramped up its efforts to land his services in recent weeks.

JeanBaptiste said he last played defense in his senior year in high school. He played wide receiver, a little bit of cornerback and saw plenty of action at safety that year.

He attended North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy last fall to work on improving his test scores. He played wide receiver there and caught about 30 passes for more than 500 yards and six touchdowns. He prefers to play wide receiver at the college level, but will play defense if it means the difference between getting a scholarship or not.

JeanBaptiste said when he was in Boulder, he spent time running routes and catching passes from CU quarterbacks and they had immediate chemistry. He believes he could contribute right away next season if a scholarship offers comes his way.

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