Does Spond's choice sway Hinder?

The top in-state football recruit for the class of 2010 recently returned from a spring break vacation in Mexico to learn Columbine quarterback Danny Spond had committed to Colorado to play quarterback. Get inside to find out if this changes things for Austin Hinder?

"I'm probably still going to take a look at CU," Hinder said. "But I'm glad to hear that. I know (Spond) and everyone wants him to be a linebacker. So it's good to hear he's going somewhere where he can get a shot at quarterback.

"I'll probably still get up there and take some visits. It affects my decision a little bit, but not a whole lot. If I really wanted to go, I'm going to go where I want to go."

Hinder, a three-star prospect on and the 37th ranked quarterback in the class of 2010, has offers from myriad programs around the nation including Notre Dame, Alabama, LSU, Missouri, Stanford, Nebraska, Florida State and the Buffs.

Hinder said he is hoping to choose a school fairly early so he can play most, if not all, of his senior season with recruiting in the rearview.

Hinder plans visits in the next two months to Stanford, Cal, Notre Dame, Florida State and LSU. "I'm going through it one time, so I want to take advantage of it," he said.

Hinder lives and plays his high school football well off the beaten path high in the Rocky Mountains in the ski town of Steamboat Springs, Colo. Hinder said the town is excited about the prospect of potential visits this fall from some of the nation's most recognizable college coaches such as Nick Saban, Charlie Weis, Gary Pinkel, Jim Harbaugh and Dan Hawkins.

Hinder said there isn't one particular school recruiting him harder than others. He said he hears from all of them equally. Hinder said some of the mailings he has received from Colorado caught his eye because they were different from most of the others.

Hinder said he recently received a mailing from CU using him on the cover of a mock Sports Illustrated magazine cover as the Freshman of the Year.

"Wherever you go, you're going to have competition, so I'm not too worried about that," Hinder said. "I'd like to be in a class, a one-man quarterback class just because, I don't know, it would be a little more comfortable.

"I'll still give them a hard look because you're going to have competition everywhere, and I love competition."

Hinder said he plans to attend a Nike camp at Stanford in May and the Elite 11 camp at Cal the same week. He said he hopes to be invited to the true Elite 11 later this summer.

Hinder said he also took notice of fellow Colorado quarterback Kain Colter's recent commitment to Stanford. Colter, a dual-threat quarterback from Cherry Creek High School in the Denver area is being recruited by the Cardinal as an athlete. He said Colter's commitment doesn't change his view of Stanford at all.

"I hope it works out for them though, whatever they want to do" Hinder said. "Hopefully, Spond can be the next good quarterback at CU.

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