Does Clemons still like the Buffs?

Former Michigan wide receiver Toney Clemons has spent the past few weeks working out with his cousin, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston, in the Phoenix area while trying to decide where to transfer. He has visited Colorado and Cincinnati and has heard from many other programs. Get inside for more.

Colorado fans will be happy to know Toney Clemons still favors the Buffs after his weekend visit to Cincinnati, and he's not sure if he will visit any other schools before making his decision some time between May 20th and 25th.

In fact, the recent promotion of coach Eric Kiesau from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator might have solidified Clemons as a Buff based on what he had to say about it.

He's been catching passes from Philadephia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb during workouts recently and getting advice on his game and his future from his cousin and others.

Clemons said he has talked with Connecticut, New Mexico, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State and Rutgers among others in recent weeks. He took some time today to answer questions from

What was your visit to Cincinnati like?

"Cincinnati was a good place. It was different from Colorado in many respects, different type of system, different type of coaches and players. But it was like a good other side of the spectrum for me, seeing something different. I enjoyed myself there. I kept it real laid back and relaxed. I didn't treat it like a recruiting trip. I wanted to go into every place like I was going to be in college there. I didn't need to see everything. I didn't need to go out. I just did like I would do it if I was to go to school there. I like the staff. I like what they're doing offensively. It's a little different. It was decent."

You mentioned a few weeks ago that you felt like Colorado's system fit your skills. How does Cincinnati fit?

"They fit me pretty good, too. I'm not sure about the quarterback play that I think they are playing with when it's my time to go. I know who Colorado has there and who will be there. That was a question mark at Cincinnati. But as far as like system-wise, they run a lot of routes and similar packages as Colorado runs just with more routes and different formations. I felt I could definitely go in there and put big numbers up there if I was to go there. It's just a matter of would I get that same skill set, that complete skill set that Colorado has to offer as far as pro-style terminology and run game and being able to recognize coverages from how you would see it on Sundays."

What sort of advice has your cousin Steve Breaston given you about the situation?

"He said go somewhere where you're going to have an opportunity to play. He tells me, 'You're a great player and you know that. You just haven't had your opportunity to show it. You need to go somewhere where you know you're going to get your opportunities and you know you're going to be able to touch that ball and do what you do best.' He stays out of it. I tell him the situation and he gives me a view point because he's already in the situation I want to be at. He doesn't down a school and he doesn't up a school. He's just real positive in everything I do. He's just real involved."

What's it like catching passes from Donovan McNabb and working out with other pro players?

"He just throws me balls and coaches me up and shows me how certain routes are going to be read at the next level, just giving his input in as much as he can also. We workout, run, lift and he will throw me passes so I can catch the ball every day. There is not too many quarterbacks on that college level who are going to throw it the way he is going to throw it. It gets me ready to catch that velocity, catch it how it's going to come, how it's supposed to come. He puts them in different spots so I can adjust to them. Whatever balls he needs to throw, I'm there to catch them. It will have me better prepared whenever I'm back in there playing."

You mentioned there have been other schools calling you such as Rutgers, Oregon, Oregon State and Arizona State. Are you planning to visit any of those schools?

"I'm not sure if I really want to visit anywhere else to be honest with you. UConn was a stretch. New Mexico was a stretch. Those guys are running a lot of four-wide and the way I see it, you see one four-wide spread, you've kind of seen them all. It's getting down to a time where if I'm going to get tripping, I have to take it this weekend so I can really settle in and make my decision and weigh it out. I haven't spoke to anybody about taking a trip except for Connecticut and that's not going to work out for some reason I'm not sure of."

When we talked last, you said Colorado was your favorite but you were looking forward to checking out Cincinnati. So where do you stand in terms of having a favorite now?

"I still like Colorado for different reasons. Cincy is real close. I'm looking at program stability real tough. I'm looking at credits transferring real tough as well. There are just technical things that I wasn't really paying attention to out of high school. They are both great programs, both great educations. You can win games at both, but it comes down to like situations like depth-chart wise, playing-wise, who will be coaching you? Will that coach be there? Colorado has got even a better situation now with coach Kiesau becoming offensive coordinator, which is huge. It has really made me pay attention to them even more. I'd still say Colorado is still up at the top right now."

So when will you make a decision?

"In between the 20th and the 25th. Knock it out, get the papers signed. I'm already working on applications to both schools. I'm getting ready to fly into campus and go to school June 1.

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