Scott finds chemistry with the Buffs

Ontario (Calif.) Colony receiver Kenneth Scott says he's looking for the right atmosphere when searching for a college to attend and football program to join. Many of the traditional selling points such as early playing time, top-25 rankings and even BCS vs. non-BCS might not be much of a factor in his decision. Get inside for more.

Scott is finally getting a little time to enjoy his summer this month after attending camps last month at USC, UCLA and Arizona State. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound playmaker has opened some eyes this summer and figures to get even more attention this fall.

"Right now, I'm doing workouts with my team, trying to get on the same page and go for another championship," Scott said.

His list of offers includes both Colorado and Colorado State. So it figures he will be paying close attention to the annual grudge match slated for Folsom Field on Sept 6. Right now, he likes both programs and doesn't have a favorite.

"It's crazy because both of them are rivals and both of them are recruiting me real hard, but out of them two, I don't have a favorite right now," Scott said. "Once I take my trips and stuff, I'll evaluate them even more. But none of them are leaders right now."

Scott has already visited both CU and CSU unofficially. He did so a year ago during the 2008 summer and came away impressed with both programs and the beauty of the entire state.

"Both of them were nice," he said. "I liked them a lot. I like the atmosphere a lot, how Colorado is a big, family oriented place. I love the mountains, too."

Scott said secondary coach Greg Brown and linebackers coach Brian Cabral are recruiting him for CU. He said he has a good relationship with both men.

"I love those dudes," Scott said. "Those are the most funniest dudes I've ever known.

"They keep it real with me. They like me a lot and I like them a lot. They send me a lot of stuff. Seems like every day I come home with a Colorado thing. The chemistry between all of us is real good and I like that. It's like being with another family at Colorado."

Colorado and San Diego State are the only schools not recruiting Scott exclusively as a wide receiver. Both have offered him as an athlete with the idea of possibly using him as a cornerback.

Scott said he is open to the idea of playing defense in college, but he prefers wide receiver at this point. He said he played safety as a freshman in high school, then moved to wide receiver and tight end as a sophomore. Last fall as a junior, he played both safety and wide receiver, though he didn't play defense full time. This fall, he will play both sides of the ball all the time.

"It's basically just like offense," he said. "You're just translating to the other side. You've still got to have ball skills. You still got to be physical and that's what I bring. ...I prefer wideout just cause I'm used to it and I know the ins and outs of it, but defense is cool. I'm starting to learn it and it's becoming really fun. I'll have to think on it more before I decide which one is going to be my position in college."

Scott said when he was in Boulder last summer, he didn't get an opportunity to spend time with coaches because they were on a retreat in the mountains. Scott said running back Brian Lockridge stepped in and gave him a tour of campus and answered his questions.

"The campus was absolutely great," Scott said. "The first memory I've got was the weight room and how it's over the field and you can look onto the field from the weight room. It's real nice. And before the games the room they go in. It has a disco ball and it pumps you up. I like that."

The majority of Scott's offers have come from schools in non-BCS conferences, including Colorado State. Scott said the idea of playing for a non-BCS school doesn't bother him.

"It's not a factor," Scott said. "It's wherever I can go in and play and if I'm real comfortable with the coaches and if my parents are comfortable with the coaches, that plays a factor. But being a BCS school is not really a factor. I know I love to win, but I want to be a part of team that I can feel comfortable with also."

Scott has been quoted in the past raving about the powerhouse school just up the freeway from his house. He said he has a lot of respect for the USC Trojans, but he doesn't consider that program, or any program, a dream school.

"People get mixed up because being in California, they expect California kids to want to go to USC or UCLA cause they're the powerhouses in California. But that's not the thing about me. I don't really care about that. It's not like that's my dream school cause growing up, I was a big basketball fan. My big dream school, cause I was a big basketball player, would be like a Duke or North Carolina. So USC is not my dream school."

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