Quotes From CU's Victory Over K-State

Read what Ricardo Patten and the Buffs had to say about their first Big 12 win.


GENERAL-"It is easy to see why Kansas State had won eight straight. They are a very good basketball team. Fortunately for us we played pretty good defense and held on to the lead.

"I wasn't as excited about our play as I've been in the past. I was excited about the outcome, but we still have a lot to work on.

"We won a game not playing our best basketball. The effort was good. We were not always playing smart, but they played really hard. If we can play smarter, we'll win some games."

ON K-STATE SHOOTING-"It's always a threat (late in the game) when you have more than one shooter to guard. They had more than one guy that could make threes. So no, I was really never comfortable until it was over."

ON MICHEL MORANDAIS-"Offensively, Michel has a great deal of talent. I'm certainly pleased with that, but with his athleticism, he has to become a better rebounder. That is the part of Michel's game that he has to work on. It puts too much pressure on our post player when your shooting guard can't go and get the ball. Offensively, he has a world of talent, but there are other phases of his game, as a coach we have to get him to improve on. He is much too good of an athlete to come up with one rebound. Not only will it help our team if Michel rebounds more, but it will help him become a more complete player."

ON ANTOINE McGEE-"I thought he did a good job. That's what we need him to do-is be an offensive threat out there. There were times he was open out there and Kansas State didn't guard him. He certainly stepped up and made some big shots."

ON WINNING AT HOME-"The top six teams in our league-that's what they do. You can't lose at home. You have to protect your home court. It is very important and very critical. We have to realize that teams are coming in here for one reason and one reason only. That is to beat your brains out."


GENERAL-"You can size this game up easily. We lost this game at the free throw line. Our rebounding was very good and that is how we judge how hard we played. If we play hard we rebound. We were both battling. But I am trying to look at the big picture of this team (Kansas State). Michel Morandais made some great shots for them. They played good defense, but sometimes we self inflict it (mistakes). They forced some key turnovers. If we are playing together, Gilson (DeJesus) has the tendency to find shots."

ON FATIGUE-"I thought both teams looked fatigued towards the end, but we kept fighting. That's what I wanted to see tonight."


Freshman Guard Antoine McGee

GENERAL-"Going into the game I felt the same as all the other games. I've been starting all year long and I knew I had to play well. I realized that I didn't have as much experience as the other guards, but I just tried to keep focused. My coach and my teammates kept going throughout the game. James Wright was really helpful in guiding me throughout the game."

ON OFFENSIVE PLAY - "Coach has been on me to become more of an offensive threat. I knew I had to come step up offensively for us to have a chance. The team kept me going throughout the game."

Junior Forwad Michel Morandais

GENERAL - "I thought I played well. It was a good win for us. That's all I really care about.

ON BIG 12 SCHEDULE - "In conference we know teams and their players a lot better. We also know their tendencies so defensively we were a lot better prepared and we played a lot a lot better on that side of the ball."

ON BIG GAME PERFORMANCE - "I've benn trying to step up better in those type of situations. I kind of felt that I've been trying to do that all season long.

ON REBOUNDING - "Coach has been on me about that every single day. It's not like I'm not doing it. I know I only had one tonight, but the game before in Oklahoma, I had nine. If our big guys are getting boards, I'm not going to try to steal the ball from them."

Senior Forward Stephane Pelle

ON DOUBLE TEAMS - "Kansas State didn't double down as hard as Oklahoma did, but it was still there. It was pretty congested. It's okay though because our guards are shooting very well and that takes a lot of pressure off of some of us."

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