Fehoko talks Colorado

Colorado could have two Polynesian players starting at linebacker this fall in B.J. Beatty and Michael Sipili. Both will see significant playing time at the very least. One of the top linebacker recruits on the CU board is friends with both players and likes what he sees in Boulder. Get inside for more.

V.J. Fehoko hasn't thought much about recruiting over the past month. His attention has been focused on building a stronger body and improving as a player at camps as he prepares for a run a state championship in Hawaii this fall.

Fehoko took a few minutes to talk about his offer from the Colorado Buffaloes and his ties to the program.

Fehoko said he is friends with CU linebackers Michael Sipili and B.J. Beatty and former linebacker Lynn Katoa. He has heard nothing but good things from them about CU, even though Katoa is no longer on the team.

Fehoko is being recruited to CU by longtime linebackers coach Brian Cabral who is no stranger to Fehoko and his family. Cabral previously recruited Fehoko's brothers when they were in high school.

"I have a great relationship with coach Cabral," Fehoko said. "He's been recruiting me since Day One. He's been recruiting my brothers,too, when they were in high school.

"Coach Cabral is well known down here in the islands and well respected and of course our family has a lot of respect and love for him. He does a lot for the Polynesian community."

Fehoko attended numerous camps this summer, including the All-Poly camp in Utah where Cabral serves as a coach and he attended the Just Win camp in Maui, which is run by Cabral. He also attended an All-Poly camp in Hawaii and a Nike camp in Palo Alto, Calif.

"I've been to a lot of camps on the mainland and Nike camps and basically took a break from recruiting this summer," Fehoko said. "I just basically wanted to focus on my camps and I did real well at camps."

Fehoko said his workouts this summer have paid off. He has gained about 10 pounds and now weighs about 220 pounds at 6-foot tall.

He is a full qualifier with a 3.6 GPA and solid scores on his SAT, making the four-star prospect and even more sought after talent among college recruiters.

He said he doesn't plan to prolong the recruiting process all the way to national signing day in February, but he will take all five of his official visits this fall and into the early winter. He hasn't decided which five schools will get those visits, but plans to whittle down the list around the time school starts up this fall.

"I kind of wanted to take my time choosing my top five, mainly because I want the right schools to be in my top five," he said. "I didn't want to just pick any kind of schools. I want to go through it and do my research and see if I have that relationship with the coach.

"That to me is going to be crucial because I'll be spending the next couple years at the college and I want to have a good relationship with the coach if I'm going to be there."

Fehoko said Colorado could be one of those programs.

"It's a really great program," Fehoko said. "They're in the Big 12 and they won a national championship awhile back. They're known for a lot of Polynesian players, too."

Some players from warmer climates are scared off by the thought of cold weather when it comes to being recruited by the Buffs. Fehoko said that won't be a factor in his decision.

"Weather for me isn't a big concern," Fehoko said. "I love football so much. It could hail it could snow, thunderstorm, whatever. I'll just play and hit somebody. That's the kind of mentality that I have and love for the game that I have. I look at it like if I want to further my career and play in the NFL, you don't really have a choice."

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