Evans wants to be No. 3

Clark Evans is competing this month with two other true freshmen quarterbacks for the opportunity to the Buffs' third-string signal caller this season. Evans talked with us about the competition and his development after the morning practice today. Get inside for more.

What has been the most difficult part of camp so far?

I guess learning the offense. It's a real tough offense and just learning everything is kind of tough. But I'm getting everything. I'm good.

You played in a spread system in high school. How much were you under center in that system?

We kind of rotated my senior year, but I've always been comfortable under center. I always just practiced that. I've never been a complete shotgun guy. I would work on my drops and stuff at home. So it hasn't been that big of a difference.

So what is it like trying to learn an offense in the film room and then come out here and operate it efficiently early in camp?

What coach Kiesau does in the room is good for us. I mean, just seeing everything and hearing about everything. It's starting to come easier and easier. I'm starting to get packages and stuff. I mean, it's hard but it is getting a lot easier.

What are your impressions of the other two freshmen quarterbacks you are competing against for that third spot?

I love them both. They are both really good guys. We're friends outside of the team, and we have fun. So it's a friendly competition. It's not a bad blood thing.

What do you see as Seth Lobato's strengths?

Seth has a high release and he can read the defense. I love the ball he throws. He's good.

How about Jerry Slota?

Jerry is real good at sticking it in there. I mean those tough on the line balls, and he knows the offense really well, too.

How much do you want to be the third guy this year?

I really want to be the third guy. I mean, that's why I'm here. I want to compete and I've competed everywhere I've went.

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