Quotes From Patton And The Buffs

Read what Head Coach Ricardo Patton had to say after his first win over Kansas.


GENERAL- "I'm just really excited for the kids. They have worked really hard for this. I'm also really excited for our fans. It has certainly been a long time (since beating Kansas). I'm just excited for everybody who is excited for (the win). It has been so long that when I get a chance to catch my breath, it'll soak in.

"We started out really well at the beginning of the game, but you can only play on emotion for the first five minutes. Then you just have to play hard. Then we got a little wimpy.

"I knew if we settled down, we could take care of the ball better. We have done that the last couple games and I knew if we did that tonight we would be alright."

ON STEPHANE PELLE-"It was good to see him play so well. He did a nice job. I thought he really came to play tonight. We talked about this before the game that your best players have got to show up. He has really struggled lately and that was because of a lack of effort. He had a great effort tonight though."

ON CHRIS COPELAND-"He probably did not know that he was going in (to the game). What I thought we needed was a guy on the perimeter who could make the outside shot. He probably wasn't even on Kansas's scouting report. I thought he played with some great confidence. He's going to be a really great player. By the time he is a junior, he will really be an outstanding player."

ON CU'S DEFENSE-"Our defense was pretty smart tonight. We tried to focus on one guy (Aaron Miles) and we wanted to have Miles beat us.

"We wanted to try to make their point guard shoot three pointers. He was 0-for-7 so I thought we did a nice job there."

ON PELLE'S LAST SHOT-"We wanted to make sure we took the ball to the basket and have a good possession. He had a nice little 12-foot jumper which he is definitely capable of making. I was just glad he was facing the basket and he was going towards the basket (when he shot)."

ON THE FUTURE-"We have just got to get better every day. If we can do anything, we need to continue to hold on to the feeling we have and fight for this feeling.

ON KU'S FINAL SHOT-"I've seen those go in so I had a flash back to the Georgia game. Obviously when it hit the rim I just wanted to make sure we got the rebound and that the time ran out.


GENERAL-"First off, the officials didn't lose the game for us. I thought Kurt was fouled on the last play, but that is just me. We got off to a slow start, then played well. But if you just talk about those two things (officials and slow start), then you are not giving Colorado their credit. We needed one stop and we couldn't get one stop. I told Ricardo (Patton) that I am as ticked off as I am happy for him. They were into it emotionally and mentally. Colorado made the plays...not us. We took some bad shots and were very impatient. We didn't execute worth a darn."

ON THE LAST PLAY-"We had a set play trying to get the ball into (Collison), and we had (Hinrich) with the ball. They are our two best players, but unfortunately for us nothing could happen. Their defense was better than out offense the entire game."

ON BLAIR WILSON-"Blair gets all the credit for his 3s, but his defense was amazing. He was sensational getting over screens and he made it tough for Kurt (Hinrich) to get his shot off."


GENERAL-"We lost. Congratulations to Colorado. We can't let this make or break our season. We have bigger games to play and have to look past this. Again, this doesn't make or break our season."

ON LAST PLAY-"Part was both (referring to Colorado's good defense and Kansas' lack of offense). We didn't shoot as well as we usually shoot in games. I think our guys feel they got to make things happen. We had a set play for (Collison) but we couldn't get it in there. They played good defense, but so did we."


SOPHOMORE CENTER DAVID HARRISON GENERAL-"This feels great, I just can't describe it. Walking around on campus today I saw people wearing Kansas shirts. I just wanted to prove people wrong tonight--to prove people wrong and to surpass what people believe. It was great."

ON HIS INJURY-"The game was too close to be hurt. We have a day off tomorrow and I can rest then. I just grit my teeth and keep going."

ON STEPHANE PELLE-"It's one of the best games I've seen him ever play. I couldn't score at all and he picked it up. I think it might be the best performance by any CU player."

ON THE REST OF THE SEASON-"It's going to be fun. This is definitely going to make teams look and we are going to have momentum going into Texas Tech and Missouri. People are going to know that we beat Kansas."

ON KU-"They are one of the best teams and we beat them. Now we know how long and hard we have to play and we have to apply that to every game."

ON CU'S DEFENSE-"I thought we played really good defense. Sometimes when people get on runs, we get our heads down, but tonight, we kept our heads up."

SENIOR FORWARD STEPHANE PELLE GENERAL-"After the Nebraska game, the coaches told us that they were disappointed in all of us, and especially with me. This was my last game against Kansas (in Boulder). I wanted to step up. There was so much coming into this game, we haven't beaten Kansas in something like 11 years and 11 months. To do what people say is impossible is great."

"This win is for everyone here. To come in and beat them is huge."

ON WINNING SHOT-"I wanted to score. I took the ball determined and ready to score. I drove and when I saw somebody come up, I pulled up. It felt so good."

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