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Toledo coach Tim Beckman has experience preparing for Colorado having served as the defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State just last year. Colorado coach Dan Hawkins has a big hill to climb this week after a sour start to the season. Both coaches talked about the upcoming matchup Friday in Ohio.

Toledo began its season with a 52-31 loss to Purdue. It was the first of three consecutive games against Bowl Championship Series conference teams. A tough way to break into the job.

Tim Beckman talked about his team and Colorado on the Mid-American Conference coaches teleconference today.

Tim Beckman

On the Purdue game.

"I think our team played four quarters of football. We never gave up. We just continued to beat ourselves. Crucial tunrovers and not being able to fit properly on a couple of the run plays which ended up costing us big. All correctable things. All things that our kids are very willing to correct. We're excited about having an opportunity to play a Big 12 football team like Colorado here in the Glass Bowl. It should be a great atmosphere not only for the university but for the city of Toledo."

Is he shocked at how poorly his defense played considering all the things they put in and with so many defensive minded coaches on staff?

"Well, there was 12 big plays that cost us quite dearly. In the running game, there was eight. In the pass game, there was four, 324 yards is the exact total number of yards on those 12 plays. So other than the 12, that's what we have to get fixed and that's what we have to get better at playing. We're all disappointed when you give up 536 yards of total offense. But I think they are all correctable and I think they are all things that can be fixed."

On what he saw out of Colorado on Sunday night?

"We practiced ourselves a little bit late last night and came in this morning and watched the tape. A lot of the things that I had faced against them last year when I was at Oklahoma State. Usually physical up front. Seemed to be able to run the football" (Break for an ditorial comment. Really? 29 yards?)"I thought Hawkins played a good second half. Defensively, very aggressive, very fast, guys that can run and get to the football. The secondary is very well coached and seem to be able to play the ball pretty well. It's the same type of team I saw last year when we played them at Oklahoma State."

The number of times you threw the ball in your first game, how much of that was playing from behind and how much was what you really want to do on offense?

"It was a lot about how the game was going. Getting down 14-0, we put the ball in the air a little bit more. Then we were kind of on the track of trying to make a comeback. Again, if we don't turn the football over and come out in the second half and play more soundly early, we have an opportunity to be more involved in that game."

Does having faced Colorado last year when you were with Oklahoma State help you prepare for them this year on a short week?

"Well, probably a little bit for both of us because they know a little bit about me, too and a little bit about what we're doing defensively and what we might be doing a little offensively in similarities to what Oklahoma State does. Of course as I think any human being would be, when you've played somebody before, you have a little bit of a comfort. But we still know what kind of a challenge we have in front of us."

On his receivers and the offensive numbers they put up against Purdue.

"The first thing you look at and I know it doesn't have anything to do with the wide receivers, but we didn't give up a sack. Our guys up front did a great job of protecting and gave them a chance to throw the ball and get the ball out. I'm proud of the way they played. Receiver-wise, Steven Williams, we all will remember his game because he had a good one, but there was two crucial drops, one ended up being an interception at the time. If we just catch the football and finish off those plays, it could be a whole different pace in the game...

Dan Hawkins

On whether he saw what happened against CSU coming.

"You always play both edges of the deal when you go in. You're always capable of winning, and you're always capable of losing."

Does he have any concerns on how his team will come back from losing the opener?

"No. We'll be OK."

On why safety Patrick Mahnke didn't play, how much he was missed and whether he play against Toledo?

"Sprained ankle. So there was a reason he was starting and hopefully he will play Friday, but we don't know yet."

Is it a blessing in disguise to have a short week before the Toledo game?

"I don't know. We take it as it comes. There is positives to having more time, and there is negatives to having less time. You can go both ways.

On why Darrell Scott touched the ball so little in the CSU game?

"Both he and speedy have been kind of nicked through camp and Demetrius probably got the balance of the reps. I think just in terms of the package and the uncertainty of things.So, a combination of all those."

On addressing some of what he learned against CSU and whether there will be a quarterback change?

"Well, everything is always a learning experience. I think a play here or there always determines a game and those are things we're going to have to clean up. You get a few of those and you get a little momentum going and things happen the other way. That's the way we look at every game. It's always a learning experience."

On whether there will be a quarterback change?


On how he responds to booing at home.

"I don't. You can't. You just have to do your deal."

On the third-quarter play initially ruled a completion to Scotty McKnight but overturned and ruled a fumble after reviewing replay. Did he think it might be a helmet-to-helmet hit that should have been flagged?

"I can't comment on any officiating."

On the unique challenge of playing on Sunday night and going on the road on Friday night halfway across the country.

"You just have to cram different days together and combine what you're doing. It just takes a little longer and less sleep."

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