Quotes From Lady Buffs Win Over Baylor

Read what Ceal Berry and the lady Buffs had to say about their win over Baylor.

Colorado Head Coach Ceal Barry

GENERAL-"I'm just really proud of the team. I think we got a lot of pressure on us and we're young. The Big 12 is really tough and Baylor was a tough team."

ON RANDIE WIRT-"I think Wirt did a really good job on (Sophia) Young. Coming into the game, Young was a major concern for us. I think it was key to put a defender on her that would work at it and Randie did a really good job of that."

ON TERA BJORKLUND-"We felt like if the middle was open we would need to take lay-ups. I think we need to get out of the notion that Tera is the only one that scoring and into the notion that Colorado needs to score lay-ups and if that's what we're doing then it's good for all of us."

"We need to get Tera out of the 'am I shooting too much' zone and just keep giving it to her...In the second half they pretty much pushed and shoved her off body blocks and tried to wear her out."

"We knew from playing Texas that they had Stacey Stephens in the middle and we knew that we could keep giving her the ball in there. Randie (Wirt) and Sabrina (Scott) have been playing with her long enough to know to just throw it in there."

ON LINDA LAPPE AT THE GUARD-"They were big and when they are big we make the decision to go big too and that means that Sabrina (Scott) and Randie (Wirt) are in there (at forward)...If we want to keep Linda in the game they we are going to shift her from forward to guard."

"First of all she got to the free throw line 10 times. Look (Mandy) Nightingale last year and we had free throws from our guards. Secondly, she has good vision. She can see where our shorter guards have a hard time seeing over defenders. I also think that Linda has a competitive spirit that's consistent and contagious."

ON NCAA TOURNAMENT IMPLICATIONS-"I think that this put us a step closer with 15 wins. Baylor is a good team. They went to UCLA early in the season and blew them out on their home court and now UCLA is leading the Pac-10. I think that we've still got a lot of work and a lot of games and we need to go to the next one on the road at Missouri."

ON DEALING WITH THE PRESS LATE IN THE GAME- "We kept messing around in the back court and there were people open. I told them they just had to get it up the floor."

Baylor Head Coach Kim Mulkey-Robertson

GENERAL-"I thought that the two teams came out and fought hard. It was not necessarily an athletic game. It was a slow paced, half-court game. Free throws were a big factor, especially in the second half."

ON JUNIOR C TERA BJORKLUND-"She is the key to the triangle offense. She scores consistently and she is a good passer when you double down on her. The offense goes through her...She hits some big baskets. We got the shot clock down below 10 seconds and she would score. The offense goes through her."

ON THE FATIGUE LEVEL-"Both teams got fatigued. I don't know if it was the altitude or just the physical play."


Junior Center Tera Bjorklund GENERAL-"Just the way we got going was good. We had a lot of good looks early and there were some great passes inside to me. It was open inside so I had to keep going, and we got some points."

ON HER SHOOTING-"I felt good, but at times I just want to move the ball around and look for my teammates. If I am not open, I have to pass it out to someone who has the open look."

ON HER IMPROVEMENT-"Slumps come and go like anything in basketball. Coach (Barry) said it's not just my shooting that we need, but also my passing and movement away from the ball. So I kept going and my offense just started to come around in the last few games."

Senior Forward Linda Lappe ON BEING A POINT GUARD-"It's different playing point than forward. You are in charge of getting the offense going. The offense is only going as well as the point (guard) goes."

ON TERA BJORKLUND-"They were giving her room in the first half and she was able to capitalize. In the second, they began to play her up front and she was able to get around and get some easy lay-ups. She made it easier for us."

ON LAST FIVE MINUTES-"We made some stupid turnovers, but they started to foul us and were getting to the free throw line a lot. We were able to convert on our free throws."

Senior Forward Sabrina Scott ON PERFORMANCE-"I passed up a few open threes, but we need to take more time off the clock before shooting a three-pointer. There is a time and a place for taking a three and we like to wait until later in the shot clock. We worked on getting the ball to Tera (Bjorklund) and get our offense going through her. If she passed it out and we got an open look from outside...great."

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