Offense must do its part

The Colorado defense has been playing well enough to win games for the past month now, but the offense has been inconsistent and sometimes downright ugly. That must change in the final five games of 2009.

"They're struggling and the defense is just trying to give them as many opportunities as we can," cornerback Jimmy Smith said. "I mean we're focused mostly on not getting scored on and giving the offense an opportunity to get some type of motivation of some juices flowing and feel like they can do it, get some points on the board.

Wide receiver Scotty McKnight said the Buffs need to learn how to win games following last week's difficult loss at Kansas State. He said the offense has to do its part to help the defense, which has made dramatic improvement since the beginning of the season.

At Kansas State, the offense and special teams put the defense in horrible field position with two turnovers and an ill-advised fake punt. The defense responded by limiting Kansas State to 10 points on those positions and earned a turnover back in one instance.

"It's frustrating, but it's not like we're going to go in the locker room and call out every offensive player," Smith said. "It's more like we try to pick them up every game and keep their heads up, especially our quarterbacks. We're trying to make sure they know they can do it. We try to talk to our offensive line a lot."

Quarterback Tyler Hansen said he agrees with McKnight's assessment and feels a responsibility to play better to help his defensive teammates.

"They've been playing great. They've been awesome," Hansen said. "...We're tired of it. We want to win. We're tired of this losing stuff, especially on the road. We're real tired of it. We're going to get this thing going."


"We've got to execute out there," Hansen said. "We've got to relax. We've got to grow up. We've got a lot of young guys on this team and we've just got to grow up fast.

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