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Read what Head Coach Ricardo Patton and the CU Buffs had to say about their big win over the Texas Longhorns.


GENERAL-"This is a great win for our kids and for the fans. We struggled with our free throws in the first half and lost focus. I thought we did better in the second half and had more focus from the line. Before the game we talked about how Texas out-rebounded everyone they played this season. We came out and out-rebounded them 45 to 35. Rebounding and transition defense was key for us. It was a hard-fought win."

ON PLAY OF THE STARTERS-"This is probably the best effort that we've had, particularly from the guys that play the bulk of the minutes. If all of our guys show up on the same night we have a chance to be a good team. We can't go into Texas Tech and have Stephan (Pelle) shoot 1-of-13 and have David (Harrison) get thrown out of the game, and we can't go into Missouri and have Stephane and David not make a shot in the second half. You have to have your guys show up to give yourself a chance, and that's what we did tonight."

ON CONTINUING TEAM SUCCESS-"Things that guys have to realize is that this is a very hard-fought game. This wasn't a gift. We had to fight for it. That's one of the things we have to realize and maintain. In order to beat good teams you have to play 40 minutes and do the little things."

ON MICHEL MORANDAIS' DEFENSE-"We've talked to Michel all season about his defense. I thought he gave a good effort, particularly during the course of the game guarding T.J. Ford. He stepped up and took the challenge and did a decent job."

ON BLAIR WILSON'S PLAY-"He was just really in-tune. He didn't worry about missed shots, as a matter of fact, I screamed at him a little in the first half about being shot-ready. He is a team player and just wants to win. We've had guys in the past who are more worried with themselves and individual stats, Blair has never been that guy."

ON TEAM STRATEGY BEFORE THE GAME-"For this game (post-season play) wasn't our main focus. The theme of our pregame thought was we all get gifts in life and we have squandered some of the gifts that we have been given in life. We wanted to not squander this game and gifts come in a lot of different forms. They come in the form of sold parents, solid friends, solid relationships. They come in the form of opportunities. I thought that we have squandered some great opportunities-so that was really the theme before the game 'hey, when are we going to stop squandering these opportunities.'"


GENERAL-"I think they beat us every way possible tonight. They beat us on the boards, with their shots, and they had a great defense when they needed it. They just beat us, that's it. I think Ricardo (Patton) did an excellent job. I mean, they just beat us in every area, from the coaching all the way down."

"We never established what we needed to do. We did not double off, and we had no early defensive position. They were a great team tonight."

ON PLAYING IN COORS EVENT CENTER-"You know these days it seems like everyone wants to swarm the floor. I think it is a compliment to what Ricardo (Patton) is trying to get done. Colorado played as well at home as they have played anywhere. The truth be known is that they needed this. He (Patton) needs this. It is the way an arena needs to be. Colorado is coming in. I mean, I have always said that this is the best league in the country. Colorado is not done with what is going to happen in this league."

ON COLORADO G MICHEL MORANDAIS-"Morandais is a tough player. He made as good of shots as anybody. He is a big player all around. I think he is the most underrated player in the league, and the country. "

ON TEXAS G T.J. FORD-"I don't think it was T.J. that made an effect on our loss. It was partly our rebounding, and the wide open shots we left. I think the difference in the second half was what Colorado did in the post."

ON COLORADO F STEPHANE PELLE-"I think Pelle was the single biggest difference in this game. If these two (Pelle and Harrison) do everything right, it is no mystery that Colorado will have a great frontline in this league."

ON THE LAST FIVE MINUTES OF THE GAME-"I think it was our turnovers, and the fact that Colorado's post did an excellent job. When you are coming down a stretch like that, you have to make a basket every time, especially when you are playing a great game like Colorado played tonight."


JUNIOR GUARD MICHEL MORANDAIS ON LAST THREE MINUTES OF TEXAS GAME COMPARED TO NEBRASKA-"That is all we have to do. We all have to play: step up, score, hit tops. I felt so bad on what happened, I didn't want the same thing to happen again."

ON HIS DEFENSE-"I always had a blown mind on T.J. Ford's defense. I had to step up, take charge, and help my teammates out."

ON DAVID HARRISON AND STEPHANE PELLE-"We are all a good team, with Stephane (Pelle) and David (Harrison). It was up to us to play good on offense and defense."

ON PLAYING POINT GUARD-"It's a compliment (to play point guard). I help my team any way I can."

JUNIOR FORWARD BLAIR WILSON ON THE IMPORTANCE OF TEAMWORK-"Down the stretch, we continued to make shots and did not pass up open shots."


I did well on rebounds tonight."

ON REBOUNDS-"When David (Harrison) and I are playing against teams that are good rebounders, that is where we step up and make sure we get the ball."

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