Quotes From Head Coach Ricardo Patton

Read what Head Coach Ricardo Patton and the Buff players had to say about the Buffs win over Texas A&M.

COLORADO HEAD COACH RICARDO PATTON GENERAL- "We had too many turnovers and we had too many little mistakes. We can't make those types of mistakes we made tonight on the road. We just can't have those problems. The little things you can get away with at home, you can't on the road.

They came in here ready to play and they were expecting to win. You have to give them credit. They've got some firepower, guys who can make shots, so it was a good win for us."


"I really think that's indicative of the type of conference that we're in. This is the best conference in the country, which can be argued. I think you can say that there's seven teams capable of playing in the tournament."

ON STEPHANE PELLE-"I thought he'd be a really good player in the Big 12, which he's developed into. He was very highly recruited. I am happy he was able to come in and have the success he's had. I think one thing that's helped him is that he's never been hurt. He's a durable guy and that's what you talk about at the next level. That's really helped him.



"I wish I knew why I'm not shooting as I am at home then on the road. I really have no idea. We just have to score (when on the road). We have the defense to do it. We have to find a way to be as controlling and as confident when we're on the road."

ON A&M'S DEFENSE-"In the beginning, they tried to play me like Kansas State and tried to be physical with me and deny me the ball. Instead of forcing it (shots), I was patient and did not take it to the rack. I was just patient and the shots started falling.

JUNIOR GUARD BLAIR WILSONON HIS SHOOTING-"The shots I did get were pretty good looks. You can't always expect good looks though; they are few and far between. I just know I hit the ones I had tonight instead of at Kansas State.

SENIOR FORWARD STEPHANE PELLEON THE REBOUNDING RECORD-"Not many people have done it. I hold a record right now and I'm just going to keep rebounding and build on it. When I came in as a freshman, I did not value rebounding as much as I do now.

As I grew up with the game, I've learned to depend on the game. It's definitely an essence of me and everybody who plays with me. (Rebounding) was not just important in this game, but in every game. In this game, we had a margin of 20 rebounds, so I thought we did a good job."

TEXAS A&M HEAD COACH MELVIN WATKINS GENERAL-"It [the flow of the game] was physical. We were unable to get any rhythm offensively. We tried to play catch up, but it didn't happen. We just had no rhythm."

ON THE BIG 12-"You know, preseason has no real meaning. Teams prove themselves on the court. I think we are a better team than we have been in the past. Preseason is just conversation." ON

COLORADO G MICHEL MORANDAIS-"I think he is a good basketball player. One of the best players in the league, and I am not just saying that. The stats prove it all. I think he has earned the conversation that is going around about him."

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