Moving on

So we've ripped off the band-aid and there is still a little sting. Colorado just tied Duke with the 69th-ranked recruiting class in the country, according to the experts. But the good news is it's time to hope for the best from the 2010 class and start looking ahead to 2011. So buck up Buffs fans and get inside for more.

The 2010 class went heavy on offense and a look at the roster and the depth chart indicates Dan Hawkins will likely be able to recruit evenly across the board for the 2011 class, maybe devoting a little more attention to defense.

However, don't be surprised if a few of the 15 offensive players signed on Wednesday eventually end up playing defense. Coach Dan Hawkins noted several times during his signing day press conference that one aspect of the 2010 class he really likes is its athleticism and versatility.

One or two of those four tight ends might look real tempting at defensive end this summer. Maybe one of those four running backs finds himself tackling the guy with the ball as a linebacker instead of being the guy with the ball. Just food for thought.

Maybe not.

In order to gauge where CU's priorities lie in the 2011 recruiting cycle, you must look at what scholarship players project to be on the roster following next season. We're assuming everyone in the 2010 class is academically cleared this summer. Sources tell us that's a big assumption with at least three players.

And remember, a lot can and will change over the next year, possibly even the coaches doing the recruiting. So none of this is written in stone.


Cody Hawkins completes his eligibility in 2010 and CU will have four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster heading into 2011. Our bet is coaches take one in the 2011 class.

They could take two if there are any defections or if true freshman Josh Moten changes positions at some point.

Running back

CU is looking pretty good here after signing four running backs in the 2010 class. Heading into 2011, the program should have six running backs on the roster, two seniors, most likely one or two sophomores and two or three redshirt freshmen. Our guess is the program adds one more back in the 2011 class.

Tight end

CU will go into 2011 with a senior, at least two sophomores and two or three redshirt freshmen tight ends. Our guess is one tight end at most in the 2011 class.

Wide receiver

This could be a priority. The Buffs will have seven wide receivers on scholarship once Scotty McKnight and Andre Simmons complete their eligibility next fall. Our guess is two or three wide receivers in the 2011 class.

Offensive line

CU will have 18 scholarship offensive linemen on the roster heading into 2011, but will be facing a loss of eight at the end of that season. We're expecting two or three in the 2011 class, one of which is already locked up. Alex Lewis plans to greyshirt in 2010 and enroll next January.

That's a total of eight or nine offensive players.

Defensive line

CU will have 10 scholarship defensive lineman on the roster after next season but four of them will be seniors in 2011. Stands to reason that adding two or three is adequate.


This could be a priority with seven scholarship backers due back for 2011. Seems like adding three more would be about right.


The Buffs should have six scholarship cornerbacks and six scholarship safeties remaining on the roster after the 2010 season. Three or four additions would make sense, maybe two players at both positions?

That's a total of nine or 10 recruits on defense.


If coaches don't find a longsnapper, they could be in the market for one, but will they use a scholarship again? The two young kickers on the roster can probably handle the punting and place-kicking in 2011, but the need could arise to use a scholarship here once again.

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