S.C. safety holds offer from Buffs

Zeph Grimes is a talented and powerful safety prospect from Southeastern Conference country who recently received his fourth scholarship offer. Colorado was one of the first to offer and Grimes is interested in learning more about the Buffs. Get inside for more.

Zeph Grimes, a 6-foot, 200-pound safety prospect from Bamberg Ehrhardt High School in Bamberg, S.C., said he doesn't know a lot about Colorado but he is excited to get an offer from the Buffs and the Big 12.

Colorado was the third program to offer Grimes a scholarship, joining Michigan state and Illinois. Tulsa has since joined the mix of schools interested in the talented safety.

Grimes said he doesn't have a favorite among the teams that have offered him and he is not waiting for an offer from any particular school. He said he doesn't mind the idea of going away to school, even as far as Colorado. He said he can get used to it.

"It really don't matter where I go, as long as I can play football," Grimes said. "Well, it matters, but I just want to go play football and go to school. Football is football."

Grimes said he knows Colorado wide receiver Andre Simmons, who joined the program last season after two years a Independence Junior College in Kansas.

Grimes said he is in no hurry to make a decision about college. He plans to investigate all his options and use some of his visits next fall before making a decision. He might not use all five.

Grimes said he hasn't heard much from nearby schools such as South Carolina or Clemson and he doesn't know why, but he isn't worried because he doesn't mind the idea of going away to college.

"I like them, but, you know, if they really liked me, they would have offered me," Grimes said. "Really the in-state schools, they're really not showing me nothing like most of the other schools out of state. They're showing me the most interest."

Grimes said he is a good student and plans to major in business at whatever school he chooses. He said he is preparing to take the ACT later this spring.

"Academics is the most important thing about school," he said. "Football, that lasts for a little while, but academics last forever."

While Grimes figures to play safety at the college level, he plays mostly outside linebacker for his high school team. His speed and athleticism allowed him to rack up some pretty impressive statistics as a junior last fall.

Grimes says he finished last season with approximately 90 tackles. He said he had over 30 tackles for loss, with four interceptions and three forced fumbles.

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