Quotes From Head Coach Ricardo Patton & The Buffs

Read what Head Coach Ricardo Patton and the Buffs had to say about their record tying win at the Coors Event Center Saturday.


GENERAL-"It was a great team effort. Missouri is a very, very good basketball team. That's a team certainly getting ready for the post season. They played us extremely well, but we had our main guys show up. And like I've said before, that's what we need every night. It was a grind, it was definitely not easy. We shot the ball particularly well, especially in the second half. If you shoot the ball well, you can play with anyone.

"I was more impressed with them (Missouri) tonight, than I was at their place when they beat us"

ON TURNOVERS-"We didn't cough it (the ball) up as much, we did a much better job taking care of the basketball. Though he did not score a whole lot, Antoine McGee did a great job. He did a nice job handling himself, and handling the basketball."

ON TOURNAMENT HOPES-"We have got to do a little more to convince me (we're ready). We need to do a little more to convince me that we're good; we are o.k. right now.

"We're better than o.k. we are a good basketball team, we just haven't done everything we are capable of. We're a pretty darn good team though.

"They have definitely increased my confidence. In every game we feel like we have a chance. I don't think there is any team in this league that writes us off as a sure loss. That's what happened in the past, and now even on the road every team is going to prepare for us."

ON TEAM IMPROVEMENT-"I think it's a matter of guys growing up, maturing, and learning how to play through diversity. I really attribute it to guys growing up, maturing, and not making the mistakes we made a year ago. They've put me yelling at them behind them, they've grown up."


JUNIOR FORWARD BLAIR WILSON ON KEEPING THE LEAD-"We got a bunch of guys stepping up and hitting big shots. It's not just one guy. We are all capable of hitting big shots."

"When we start rolling we are pretty good. That is what happened at the end. We hit big shots and came up with big stops. We are good when we do that."

ON HIS OUTSIDE SHOOTING-"Lately at home I've been feeling good shooting. Even the misses tonight felt good and when that happens, that gives you confidence and your teammates get you the ball."

SOPHOMORE CENTER DAVID HARRISON GENERAL-"Coach (Patton) is pretty emotional and I think that helps our team. When they make runs, we now know that we are just as good as they are and we can make runs right back at them."

ON A POSSIBLE NCAA TOURNAMENT BID-"I was convinced that we were a tournament team since the beginning of the season. We just have to win on the road. I am surprised that we are 8-8 because there were games that we should have won on the road. I'm not taking anything away from them, but I think we should have won."

"If we go to the tournament, we are not going to be playing at home. We need to prove that we can win away from Boulder."

ON THE PHYSICAL PLAY OF MISSOURI-"Missouri is very physical, but not as physical a team as Texas Tech. They don't play dirty and they stop when the whistle blows. They play physical from whistle to whistle."

JUNIOR GUARD MICHEL MORANDAIS GENERAL-"I just couldn't score tonight, so I had to find people on the team to score. I knew that they would focus on me, but I wasn't hitting so I had to find teammates."


GENERAL-"Colorado played very well. Ricardo (Patton) has done a terrific job with his team. I thought we battled, but there is a little bit we need to find. In games like this the margins of error are so small. I think my team fought. We are just not as mature as we need to be. We don't have many guys back from last year, but our kids knew what kind of game this was. We didn't play well enough to win, but I am not questioning my team's character."

ON THE END OF THE GAME-"Kids get carried away with emotion. I know Ricardo has a lot of class. The free throw line hurt us. If we converted a few of those, it would have given us a lift."

ON TONIGHT'S GAME COMPARED TO FEB. 1-"Tonight, they outplayed us at the guard spot. We had three guys in foul trouble and that hurt us. Both of these teams are a lot better than back then (Feb. 1).

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