Watching film of Colorado lineman Justin Hansen has caused some confusion for college football coaches evaluating him and it likely has led to a longer-than-expected wait for his first offer. Get inside for more.

If Justin Hansen is frustrated by his lack of offers at this point in the recruiting process, he's doing a good job hiding it. The big offensive lineman from Longmont High School is continuing to communicate with a lot of programs but none of them have decided to be the first to offer him a scholarship.

Hansen, a 6-foot-5, 260-pound three-star prospect, plays in a double-wing offense at Longmont. The system asks Hansen to block in an area and is not like a zone or man blocking scheme.

"Even though I may be doing my job, one of the coaches initially thought I was just being lazy," he said. "It's a bit different for them. They're not used to it and it throws some of the schools off initially.

"It's weird how that works. I figured it wouldn't make a difference, but I was wrong."

Hansen played a big part in leading his team to the Class 4A state championship game last season. The Trojans finished as state runners-up.

Hansen recently visited Colorado spring practice and spent time talking with coach Dan Hawkins and offensive line coach Denver Johnson. He said he has a good relationship with the CU program.

"I had a little bit of free time so I just decided that before I get bogged down with everything again, I would watch one of their practices and see their football program, what they're all about and what they do to prepare for the season," Hansen said.

Hansen said he is open to any program at this point in recruiting, and when asked about CU specifically, he said. "They're pretty good. I like them."

Hansen said he is hearing most from Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State, Nebraska, UCLA, Washington, Stanford, Notre Dame, Penn State, Arkansas and Cornell.

"I'm getting a lot of attention from a lot of different schools," he said. "They're very interested in me and all. It's just nothing official yet. A lot of them have said they want me to be at their camps because it would give them a better look at me."

Hansen said he is still planning his summer schedule with his parents.

Hansen is competing with the Longmont track team this spring in the shot put. His goal is to finish on the podium at the state meet in May.

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