What Happend In Ames???

So what does former Buff star Greg Jensen think about last night's melt down? If you're a BuffsInsider subscriber, you can find out! Jensen also gives a classic take and review of the toughest places to play in the Big 12.

What Happend In Ames??? This quote makes me believe they got out coached last night.

"It was like they knew what we were going to do and we had no idea what they were going to do," Morandais said.

When I played at CU, we never won in Ames either, but damn, to get blown out by 25? It makes no sense. Wilson 0 pts (I'll guarantee Eustachy had a guy face guard him and not worry about helping anyone on defense, just like Tim Floyd would have) And I bet they would have let McGhee take as many shots as he wanted and they just played the passing lanes. How do you not know that they are going to do that? Preparation must have been bad. I don't understand how Pelle only had 6 pts. though.

They win @ Baylor and beat Nebraska at home that will get them 18 wins and a .500 conference record. Then if they can manage to win one in the Big 12 tournament, I think momentum will get them in. That's not taking into account the big upset they can pull by beating Oklahoma St. at home.

Below I added a quick and easy column for the preferred readers.

One man's opinion of the hardest places to play in the Big XII

1. Oklahoma - Good tradition, theater seats, rowdy students and band. Sampson's teams play hard and up-tempo.

2. Missouri - The Antlers research will get in your head during warm-ups. Seats go straight up. Fans are right on top of the court and baseline out of bounds line.

3. Oklahoma State - That stupid Cowboy mascot with the big head! Stillwater is not a tourist destination. Tradition. Plus, you'll be staying in one of the rooms on the outside at the lovely Holiday Inn. The smell there is also not appealing.

4. Kansas - Wilt's jersey in the rafters, screaming fans at the old Phog Allen arena, All-American's out the ying-yang, little locker room. That spells BAD NEWS. Who wins there?

5. Texas Tech - We played in the old arena once, and the fans are crazy. Add the new United Spirit Arena and Bob Knight and I'm sure the atmosphere hasn't improved for visiting teams.

6. Iowa State - Hilton Coliseum has never been friendly to visitors. Huge facility, the band and the fans will chat things you've never heard. "The ball is bigger than the rim!" "The rim is smaller than the ball" And the rims are actually not kind. I grew up an hour from Hilton, and let's just say, "The Clone cones are worth your while."

7. Texas - Never played there, but after seeing a football game in Austin, I'm ready to move them up the list.

8. Nebraska - Sort of similar to Missouri or K-State. The students aren't as bad either. I'd still rather be "dead than Red." Of course red is the only color those people ever wear.

9. Kansas State - Bramledge Coliseum is your average arena. The students are better than average for loudness.

10. Baylor - The arena is a weird looking dome. It is cold, and cavernous. The fans aren't very close to the floor, and Baylor doesn't sell out many games. So more like going to Wyoming w/ less fans.

11. Texas A&M - Never been there, so I couldn't tell you about the College Station experience.

12. Colorado - Since it's the home court I haven't been able to view it from the visitor standpoint. They do sell beer there, and the student section does a good job. Nothing that really distinguishes it from the bottom 4 arenas in this league.

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