Q&A with Liloa Nobriga

The most Liloa Nobriga could do to help his teammates last season during a redshirt year was practice hard on the scout team all week and greet teammates with aerial chest bumps when they came off the field on Saturdays. He should be much more involved in 2010. Get inside for more.

Liloa Nobriga was one of the standout young talents on display over the past month as the Colorado football conducted spring drills.

The outside linebacker from Summerlin, Nev., produced 14 total tackles, including four for losses, in the three main spring scrimmages.

Nobriga strengths are his speed and nose for the ball. He appears to have the potential to become a force on the CU defense as he perfects technique and learns more through experience in practices and games.

It should be no surprise he was one of the Buffs' leading tacklers this spring. He registered an eye-popping 185 total tackles during his senior year of high school.

We talked with Nobriga as spring practices came to a close.

What did you accomplish this spring?

Nobriga:"I think I've accomplished a lot. Just getting into the system, the plays and having it known second nature. You know every day is a day-by-day process. For me it's just about studying the playbook and getting reps and knowing what I'm doing. I've accomplished, I think, a lot. Still more to go though."

Was there anything different about this spring than what you did in the fall or were you picking up and building on what you did last season?

Nobriga:"It's different. I've already been here for about a year. I feel I've been acclimated already. I know what to expect and what's going on. You know it's not new any more. I feel I've adjusted well. I'm not a redshirt no more. That's the new thing. I'm looking forward to getting some playing time wherever I can, just working every day and trying to get up there."

How much potential is there for you to earn playing time considering you're at a position with some experienced guys in front of you?

Nobriga:"It's going to be tough with a couple guys in front of me (B.J. Beatty and Tyler Ahles) who have been here for awhile and know the system inside and out. I'm just trying to be a student and pretty much put my face in the books and get the reps in practice, but we'll see what happens."

Is moving to defensive end in the future at all a possibility for you?

Nobriga:"I'm not sure. LIZ linebacker is kind of like a defensive end. We get to drop. We get to rush. It's like a two-in-one position defensive end slash linebacker. We've got some freedom. It's a good position. I like it. I think I've adjusted and I'm learning every day."

You have talked about wanting to get stronger and add weight this summer but you're already a pretty fast guy. How is your speed an asset for you?

Nobriga:"I can get to the edge real quick. I feel like I'm faster than a lot of dudes outside. In the (second) scrimmage I got outside and got a couple sacks, got around the tackle. So I feel like it's an advantage."

You made a ton of tackles during your senior year of high school. Are you beginning to feel like you could be that productive at the college level whether it's this year or down the line somewhere?

Nobriga:"I feel down the line I'll be able to make plays, and I feel I have the ability to make plays. College is a different game, different atmosphere, different environment. It's a big adjustment, but I feel I've adjusted well. LIZ backer is a different position. We're not out there making 15 tackles a game. We're over there controlling our gap, getting outside, getting to the quarterback, making plays for other people to make plays. It's not about tackles or making plays, it's doing your job and everything else will come through."

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