Q&A with Ben Mills

Curious how Colorado's new 7-foot-1 center views himself as a player? What he's best at and where he needs work? Want to know what his expectations are for his freshman season? We've got answers inside.

What stood out about CU and led you to sign with the Buffs?

Ben Mills:"Just the fact of how nice a campus it is plus it being in the Big 12 was also really intriguing. They have great academic help. Everything just seemed to be a really good fit."

Colorado obviously hired a new coach in Tad Boyle before you committed. How did Boyle factor into your decision to come to CU?

Ben Mills:"Being out there, I only saw him for a few days, but I just kind of had that gut feeling where I could see myself learning a lot from him and also all the assistant coaches as well.

A lot of CU fans will want to know whether you hope to play right away or if you would rather redshirt?

Ben Mills:"I'll do whatever is best for the team. If they want me to play right away I'll do it. If they want me to redshirt, I'll be more than willing to do either. It's really whatever the coaching staff feels is best for me."

Has the coaching staff talked to you about that or given you any indication of what they are thinking there?

Ben Mills:"We've talked a little bit, but not too much to the extent of finalizing the thing. As of right now, there is a little talk of me playing right away, not me getting a solid amount of minutes, but if I do play, it's just going to be in the 5 to 10-minute range."

Was this almost an ideal situation for you in that CU gives you a chance to play in one of the top conferences in the country and also is a program badly in need of a big man?

Ben Mills:"Yes, I mean, knowing coming in that I'm going to have an opportunity at getting some solid playing time and also getting playing time against the nation's best in the Big 12, it was real intriguing."

You're listed at 7-foot-1, what are you weighing right now?

Ben Mills:"Lately, I've been right around the 210 mark. It keeps going up as the weeks go by. I'm trying to recover from losing weight in the season.

Are you just a guy who is fighting a really high metabolism making it kind of tough to put on weight?

Ben Mills:"It really is. I'm doing everything I can to gain weight. I'm eating up to five meals a day, drinking a lot of chocolate milk and protein shakes, and I'm always working out. I'm doing what I can and as much as I can to put that weight on.

What will you be focused on between now and the start of the season, other than putting on weight?

Ben Mills:"When I get out there, I'm coming out right after graduation (in early June), I'm coming out just to get a feel for the campus and a feel for everything and meet all the team and get to know them really well. And I'll be working hard in the weight room and getting my weight up as much as possible so if they need me to be ready for season, I am."

Obviously most Colorado fans haven't seen you play much if at all and aren't familiar with your game. Can you describe your abilities on the court and what you're most comfortable doing offensively?

Ben Mills:"One thing I really like to do is I like to play both inside and out. I like to mix it up in the lane when I've got a smaller guy on me and then I can step out and shoot at the top of the key and whatnot. So I like that. That gives me some advantages. Then also running the floor is something that people tell me is something I do really well. I can get up and down the floor just as quickly as most guards can.

How consistent is the outside shooting for you?

Ben Mills:"It's going good. While I keep working out, I go over to the high school and and try to get as many shots as I can so I don't lose my touch.

Do you get a lot of Dirk Nowitzki comparisons?

Ben Mills:"I do. People are always comparing me to him, but I'd like to say I'm a Dirk Nowitzki, but he's a little bit more of an outside guy than I am. I play a little bit more inside. But he is a good player to compare me to because I like to do both inside and out."

Let's assume you do play as a true freshman, what do you think you would be happy with in terms of playing time and production at the end of the year?

Ben Mills:"If I do play right away as a true freshman it will be hopefully contributing with however many minutes I play and doing everything I can while I'm in there, whether that be getting a couple rebounds or getting a couple defensive stops. Hopefully, I'll be just preparing myself for my sophomore year season when I will hopefully earn more minutes.

When you visited Boulder, I would imagine you met many of the guys on the team. Did you make any fast friendships or get along with any one inparticular?

Ben Mills:"I didn't get to meet every single player because exams were going on and whatnot. But of the players I met, I couldn't find one guy that I would say I didn't like. I got along with everybody that I met.

You ended up at Colorado after originally signing with Boise? It seems like Boise and Boulder could be similar in a lot of ways. Is that true and did that play a part in you feeling comfortable in Boulder?

Ben Mills:"Yeah, they are both very similar. I knew from the beginning that I liked going out west. I just love those kinds of areas, the mountainy areas with the great scenery."

You're listed at 7-foot-1 most places. Is that your legitimate height?

Ben Mills:"I would say that I'm just 7-feet. To be exact, I've been measured at 7-feet and a half. That's why a lot of the Internet websites round me up to 7-1."

Do you have any idea if you are still expected to grow at all?

Ben Mills:"I have no idea. My parents think I might have a some growing in me. A lot of people still tell me I might have a couple more inches to go, but I really have no idea."

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