Quotes From The Buffs And Ricardo Patton

Read what Head Coach Ricardo Patton and the Buffs had to say about their victory over Oklahoma State.


GENERAL-"(It was) a good team win. I though our guys played extremely hard on the defensive end. I thought everyone recognizes what Mookie's presence brings to the team. It was a good team win."

"I thought our defensive play tonight was a good as all season. That's what we tried to do was defend the pass. I think we did a good job with that."

ON MICHEL MORANDAIS' ABSENCE-"We worked with what we had. It would have been nice to have that sweet jumper, but we have a lot of scorers. We needed Michel more able to defend than shoot jumpers. He never came to me (during the game) and said he could go, so I just went with what we had. I also told him to get recovery time, so he wouldn't miss Saturday's game."

ON MOOKIE WRIGHT-"Certainly, he changes the speed of the game. He gives our point guard more of an offensive threat, and we have to have that. If you don't have that, it makes the game more of a 4-on-5 and that puts pressure on those guys to score."

ON MATURITY-"I don't know if I've had a team as talented as this one, or as seasoned. If you think about all the games Stephane (Pelle) has lost and Blair (Wilson), and even Michel (Morandais), they have been on the back end of a lot of things. Those guys have worked hard and have gotten better each season. They are not letting that (losing) happen again."

ON NCAA TOURNAMENT HOPES-"In my mind, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't (go). I don't think there is a question (we're capable). I think every win makes a case that we are good enough to be in a field of 65. If we take care of our part and don't get wrapped up in anything else, we'll be alright. For the most part I think we've done that."

ON NEBRASKA REVENGE-"In the back of our minds we feel like we do (want revenge). They are a very good basketball team and they play well. If we don't get caught up in the last home game, and the senior thing, ad the pats on the back this week, we'll be fine."


GENERAL-"We had no inside game tonight. I thought Ivan (McFarlin) played well, but when your three best perimeter players go 10-for-23 you can't win like that. In the first half, I thought we were in good shape if Tony (Allen) could hit some layups, but I think he missed two or three of them and that would have put us in the lead. With Cheyne (Gadson) not playing, it certainly didn't help our cause, but they didn't have one of their best players either. It's a mystery to our coaching staff what is going on. Our defense wasn't very good, but our offense isn't as good as it was either."

ON PELLE AND HARRISON-"Those two guys are tough. I wish they had just one of them."


SENIOR FORWARD STEPHANE PELLE GENERAL-"We knew it was going to be a fast-tempo game. We could tell they were getting tired when they were huffin' and puffin' at the free throw line. It was just a matter of who was going to last longer and we did. The fans did a great job. Ever since the Big 12 they have really played a big part in our success."

ON TEAM COMING TOGETHER-"I didn't know when it would happen, but I'm really glad that it did. We've finally come together and started to play as one. It's been a good campaign and a fun senior year."

ON THE PLAY OF THE BENCH-"They really picked it up, they played really well. They knew they had to step up with Michel (Morandais) on the bench, they really contributed on the defensive side of the ball."

ON THE SEASON-"Our attitude has changed and it's made a difference. We're much more confident as a team."

SOPHOMORE CENTER DAVID HARRISON GENERAL-"The coaches told us that if we played a half-court game that we could win the game. We used our size down low. They couldn't handle both Stephane (Pelle) and I down there together."

ON THE ABSENCE OF MICHEL MORANDAIS-"With Michel out, it just means more shots for everybody else. He's our leading scorer. He grabs five or six rebounds a game and he also has quite a few assists. Everyone stepped up and did what they were supposed to do."

ON THE PLAY OF MOOKIE WRIGHT-"Mookie is a much more experienced player and better offensively than Antoine (McGee). Now with all five of us out there, it's kind of like the other team has to pick their poison. It's really hard for another team to stop us with all five of us out there."

SENIOR GUARD MOOKIE WRIGHT ON HIS RETURN-"It felt really good to come back and get back into it. It was tough to sit and watch as we knocked off three top 25 teams. I just wanted to come in and contribute the best that I could. I'm really happy that I got to get everyone involved and I was pleased with my overall performance."

ON HIS DEFENSE-"I just tried to stay between him (Victor Williams) and the ball. He was a really good shooter and I knew I had to stay between him and the basket, so it was hard for him to get his shots off. I think I played him better in the second half than the first."

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