Camp heating up

Tempers were flaring Sunday evening as the Buffs conducted a spirited practice in shorts, shoulder pads and helmets. Several skirmishes broke out as the defense tried to redeem itself from a poor showing Saturday. Get inside for more

Middle linebacker Michael Sipili absolutely blasted running back Brian Lockridge along the sidelines early in Sundays practice setting the tone for the day.

One-on-one drills with the offensive and defensive lines got heated at several points, including freshman Kirk Poston ripping off his helmet a trying to go after veteran offensive lineman Matt Bahr. Several teammates had to hold Poston back.

Even quarterback Tyler Hansen got into the act throwing the ball back at defensive back Jalil Brown after scoring a touchdown on the run.

Wide receivers and defensive backs got after each other throughout and at one point secondary coach Ashley Ambrose and wide receivers coach Robert Prince starting arguing with each other defending their players.

It was entertaining to say the least and not a good day to miss practice if you were in Boulder.

"It's good. I like the energy, I do," coach Dan Hawkins said. "There is always a fine line and stuff like that is going to happen if you're competitive. But when you're stupid and you go chase somebody down and pop em in the back of the head and continue beyond a certain point, I have no patience for that. That's not smart football.

"But you're going to get, going against these same guys all the time, if you're competitive at all, it's going to get that way a little bit, and I'm OK with that."

There was another humorous moment when a man wearing a Cal shirt and pushing a baby stroller stopped by to watch. Hawkins yelled at his operations staffers, "Who let the Cal shirt in here." Players implored the man to take it off.

Turns out, Patrick Grychtol, is not even a Cal fan. He is a visiting scientist on the CU campus from Germany and had just come back from visiting a friend in California where he picked up the shirt. He and his son were allowed to stay at practice of course. No word on whether his friend's name happened to be Jeff Tedford.

Hawkins has been having his kickers kick field goals using a skinny set of goal posts that are three feet thin on each side. Normal goal posts are 18 feet, 6 inches wide. The ones Buffs kickers are aiming at are 12-6.

The Buffs put on full pads for Monday morning's practice from 8:30 to 10:30.

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