Safety chance

Redshirt freshman Deji Olatoye is optimistic about his new role as a safety in the CU defense after spending his first year on the roster as a cornerback. Get inside for more.

Ayodeji Olatoye played safety during part of his senior year in high school back in Ohio. So the move is not completely new to him. He spent a few minutes with us over the weekend.

"Playing safety is actually a great opportunity for me," he said. "It actually helps me to learn the defense a lot better than I did at corner. At corner, all I needed to hear was the last part of the call so I knew what coverage we were in.

"Now I know where my help is in the defense, where the holes are at, what the strengths and weaknesses are of the defense. It's going to be a great opportunity. If I go back to corner, it will even help me there so I can know where my help is with the safeties and linebackers."

Olatoye moved to safety about a week ago, just after practices were closed to the media and the public. He is practicing with the second team behind starter Anthony Perkins, the leading returning tackler for the Buffs. The biggest change for Olatoye beyond understanding his responsibilities within the defense is getting his body prepared for more pounding. Safeties generally make more tackles than cornerbacks because they are such a big help in run support.

Olatoye said he is hoping to put on 15 pounds and play at or around 205 pounds. Gaining that kind of weight might be tough during the season. He said he hasn't put much thought into whether he sees himself as a cornerback or safety long-term.

"Wherever my future could be in the NFL is where I want to play at," Olatoye said. "Most importantly it's about being technique sound, reading your keys and reading your linemen. After that it's just studying my playbook. If I'm really sound in what I know in every formation, then I can play fast and confidently.

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