Flyers Get Started Early

The Dayton Flyers start practicing today. Most other college basketball teams have to wait 54 more days before they can lace them up as a team and begin the season. Dayton however gets an early jump and more important than winning this early, they get a chance to bring the freshman in and start to build team chemistry.

Dayton will spend Labor Day weekend in Toronto Canada where they will play a few exhibition games. The Flyers will play the York Lions on the 2nd of September and the Humber Hawks on the 3rd. Neither team should be very much competition for the flyers. Dayton has a bigger goal these upcoming weeks and that is to build chemistry with the new incoming players.

The Flyers had an average season last year and want to build something special with this group. Last year was hard to watch in so many ways for the Dayton players, coaches, and fans as the team struggled at the point guard position. This year the flyers have 2 new point guards and either one of them is a big upgrade from a year ago.

Here are a few questions that Dayton Insider feels will start to get answered for the flyers.

How much of an impact will this year's freshman have on the team?

How good is Andres Sandoval, and more importantly is he the leader at the point that this team needed so badly last year?

Is Desmond Adedeji in playing condition and will he be a major contributor to this year's team.

Will Dayton miss Chris Alvarez and James Cripe in the post or will Kurt Huelsman and Charles Little take over?

These are questions that may or may not get answered but it's nice to ask these questions the next two weeks instead of waiting until October 14th.

If you have any other questions that you feel need answered then add them on the message board and let's discuss them.

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