Mantia Report (8-29-2006)

Growing up as a flyer fan you knew 2 things. Flyer basketball was the buzz of the town and Dominic's restaurant was the place where all the Dayton fans, players, and coaches ate. I spent every Saturday morning before the restaurant opened listening to my dad and Dominic's manager Sonny Mantia talk about flyer basketball.

I would see the player's and coaches come in for the pre game meal and I would be ready for Flyer madness that night at UD Arena.

As I grew older I became part of the flyer family at Dominic's and quickly learned that all the best flyer fans in town were also part of this group. I sat right there at the first table by the door and talked flyer basketball with Sonny and every other Flyer faithful that wanted the latest scoop on the UD Flyers. The only conversation that Sonny would allow at that table was Flyer basketball and he had rules. Nobody was allowed to talk bad about the Flyer players or coaches. Never! This rule never changed and we all followed that rule till the day Sonny passed.

I would like to welcome you to the Mantia report. I will have a report as I get the information and put it right on the members only message board. I will write about current players and upcoming prospects to give all you Dayton fans the inside scoop on Flyer basketball. There is however a rule. Nobody will be allowed to talk bad about the players or coaches in this thread. If you are not happy about either during the season you can express you displeasure in another thread but not in the Mantia report thread on the message board.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the 1st ever Mantia report as Dayton Insider covers the following topics:

Jake Kelly
Aaron Pogue
Steven Thomas
Jacob Pullen
A new 2008 recruit
A new 2009 recruit

Mantia Report

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